Surly Summaries: Charlotte

So Charlotte just finished airing today and I have it to say… it may well have been the best show of the entire season.  It’s decision to focus on super powers among adolescents, and the incomplete nature of the powers on display, made for a very interesting take on super powers but kept things just personal and relatable enough for us normal people.  All in all, a stellar performance.  From here on there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

Charlotte really has almost everything going for it.  The story was simple and easy to relate to before it opened up into a much wider and darker narrative, a transition that was handled pretty well despite how hard such a shift generally is to do.  The characters where likable enough and some of the interpersonal relationship stuff got way heavier than I would have guessed based on the early episodes of the show.  The visual presentation of the powers, characters and settings was also pretty solid.  This was a great show.  So now that I’ve heaped a bunch of praise on it I’m going to complain like a spoiled child about how this great show could have been a great pair of shows.

In my opinion the two most important episodes of the show were rushed.  These episodes being Yu’s downward spiral after Ayumi’s death and the final episode.  Ideally what I would have wanted to see was this:  The downward spiral episode is given two episodes instead of one, the first dealing exclusively with Yu’s fall while the second would begin with Tomori stepping in and picking him up and setting him back on track.  The series would then end on what is now episode 12.  And finally, the final episode is turned into a another 12 episode series.  Because the final episode of this show was amazing, but sadly it crammed what was ostensibly an almost year long journey full of combat, intrigue and mental struggle into 20+ minutes of anime.  Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to have a season dedicated to Yu traveling the world, stealing powers and suffering from the immense burden of having thousands of powers.  Because all of that stuff was there in this episode, it gave an incredibly rich yet concise view of what Yu went through during his final mission.  And I would have loved to see the full journey, I wanted to see the messy stuff, the details, and how prolonged exposure to violence and an overwhelming abundance of super powers would affect Yu.  Sadly this is nothing but a dream, but dream I shall because it’s a fucking gorgeous dream.  All of this said the final episode did as great a job as it possibly could have given the scope of what it was portraying in its timeframe and I certainly don’t begrudge the ending we got.  This show looked like it was going to be another “high school bullshit with super powers” and ended up being something many times more interesting than that.  I’m definitely gonna miss this show.

That’s all I have to say.  Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Surly Summaries: Charlotte

  1. I agree, the last episode was certainly rushed. I feel slightly differently though. The series had promise, but then kind of went downwards, then stabilised. The first episode caught my attention as something dark, but then it became more of a high school thing. With super powers thrown in. Good review!!. Keep it up!!.


  2. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVED this anime but the whole kids with superpowers thing is exponentially cliche. I did like the way the powers were portrayed and the drama involving Yu’s sister. All in all a good anime. That and its fucken P.A Works. There outstanding.

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