Surly Summaries: Arslan Senki

Ok so Arslan Senki just ended and I have to say, I was mostly happy with this show but it really should have ended.  I mean come on it had 25 episodes, I was sort of expecting a complete story.  From here on there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

I thought Arslan got off to a bit a rough start.  The disaster at Atropatene had some very questionable elements to it.  For example how could a  very experienced warrior king like Andragoras make as rookie a mistake as fighting in heavy fog?  Wouldn’t it have been easier to fortify the Parsian position and wait the fog out?  Then we had a few slower episodes where Arslan’s cause was looking progressively more hopeless.  But then they turned it around.  More interesting characters like Gieve and Farangis were introduced.  The action and the intrigue got much more interesting, and of course the journey took on the characteristics of a desperate but huge comeback we could all cheer for.  And to a large extent I believe the show succeeded, I started really looking forward to Arslan every week.  And then the ending happened.

The ending was not terrible by itself.  It happened during a break in the action, after the heroes overcame a major trial.  If Arslan Senki had been just 12 episodes I might have been saying the ending was fine.  But Arslan had 25 episodes, and I felt like we should have seen the full story during that time.  In retrospect I think the episodes spent in Shindra with Rajendra were a mistake.  I liked the action those episodes gave us and I think Jaswant made an interesting addition to Arslan’s party, but I would have rather seen a proper ending to the story than see what is basically Arslan’s sidequest in Shindra.  Overall I don’t think the ending ruined Arslan Senki, I’m still eager to see what comes next after all, but it was something of a disappointment.

Anyway that’s all I have to say.  Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Surly Summaries: Arslan Senki

  1. The story has been ongoing for a while now (late 80’s I think). So it will be a while before the story actually concludes. It had 6 OVA’s come out in the early 90’s (don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled). The series covers 4 of the OVA. With the ending, it hints to the 5th (and possibly 6th) OVA which was never dubbed in English. The Shindra arc was a side story – and it wasn’t that good. Hope you kept your eyes peeled. Because that mountain that Gieves was at, is the start of the second arc.


  2. I am not at all happy with this ending.I’d expect an ending like this for a 12 episode anime but a 25 episode anime. I hate abrupt endings that doesn’t cover the entire source material. Wait for a manga to finished be fore making an adaptation. And if thats not possible at least end it on a better note. Oh they took back a fortress. Big woop! What about there enter kingdom. Silver mask is still out there and alive. What about him? Pretty damn anticlimactic.


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