Surly Summaries: Gate

So Gate, yes I know the title is much longer but I’m going with this, finished airing last Friday.  Ordinarily I don’t do Surly Summaries after more than a few days but I missed this one because I thought the show had 24 episodes not 12.  Anyway there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

Gate was pretty fun, until the ending happened.  I liked how Itami had to work around his otaku nature in military, and I thought it was pretty funny just what an elite soldier he was all things considered.  The action was a cool blend of modern military tech and fantasy, magic, dragons and gods.  An interesting mix to say the least.  I generally liked the charcaters either for comedic reasons, like Pina Colada, who’s named after a drink, being a Fujoshi, or for some of their great moments like Rory shutting down that Diet member in episode 8 or so.  Overall I thought the show was entertaining if not great from an artistic standpoint.  Then the ending happened.

The ending was so abrupt I legitimately thought it wasn’t the end.  I mean how could it be, there are several loose threads hanging all over the place and it looks like a major event was about 1 second away from happening?  But no, instead the final episode is spent watching Yao Haa Dushi trying to get someone to talk to her before being rejected while Itami is just chillin’ in his helicopter.  In other words it was a non-ending, the kind of ending you expect for a show that suddenly gets cut from its slot or runs out of money.  But that’s not what happened here.  What happened here is a very worrying trend that I’m going to rant about in separate post (it’s available now, click here if you’re interested), do stay tuned as a vent my wrath upon the page.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for this one.  Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Surly Summaries: Gate

    • You are correct and that’s part of the problem. We’ve been given a shitty, quasi-ending for now and are being expected to just eat it up until the next season comes out. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that approach to making and airing anime. I don’t see the merit in giving us something that is of intentionally lower quality in an attempt to make us come back for more. I’d rather have one good season of Gate than two mediocre ones.


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