Season’s Greetings: A Very Flat Fall 2015

Hey everyone.  You know now that everyone is doing their Fall season first impressions I figured I would jump on that bandwagon and give you mine.  Mostly because it gives me an excuse to bitch about my current frustration, namely how few shows look any good this season.  Anyway here we go.

This is hands down one of the least appealing seasons I have ever seen.  There are so few shows that interest me it makes me kind of sad.  For one thing there are a ton of sequels, probably too many, and that limits the potential audience a lot because anyone who skipped or disliked the first season, will likely not watch the sequel.  Then we have Rakudai Kishi, which looks like Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance made love to Walkure Romanze, which looks almost the exact same as Asterisk Wars, which looks and sounds like Jujin no Fafnir, and holy fucking shit this is getting ridiculous.  Heavy Object was a show that could have been cool, but by the time I finished the description I was like “let’s prepare for a bunch of generic teenage ecchi and drama masquerading as a military show”, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what it fucking is.  Speaking of Masques, Lance n’ Masques… is a silly, silly show.  And not the fun kind of silly either, more like “this is so silly I’m facepalming every few minutes, who the hell thought this was a good idea” silly.  Then we have like 4 different dark mystery shows, Kowaban, Kagewani, the one with the chick who loves beautiful bones because that’s not creepy at all, and something something F: Perfect Insider.  These might be good, but after Ranpo Kitan I’ve had my fill of dark mystery shows for a while and cramming 4 into a single season is terrible idea in any event.  Like who watches four different dark murder mysteries at the same time?  I suppose some people might go for that but that’s a bit of oversaturation for the rest of us.  We also have Diabolik Lovers 2, complete with another show that looks and sounds the exact same in Dance with Devils.  Look I know originality is hard but can’t you guys at least stagger the releases a bit so I don’t have to stare at two identical reverse harems at once?  We also a Ladies v Butlers, 2015 edition, in “Shomin Sample” because originality is hard.  Oh yeah there’s also a show with a 35 in the title that looks just like Trinity 7, expect with witch hunters instead of witches… Oh for fuck’s sake how many lookalikes do we have this season? Anyway that should be enough bitching for now, let’s talk about what’s actually interesting for now.

I think everybody is watching Noragami Aragoto, which got off to a decent start.  The Monogatari franchise started off great this season with the double length episode 1 of Owarimonogatari, even if all the talk of math made everyone’s head hurt.  I was personally looking forward to Concrete Revolutio but episode 1 was a huge clusterfuck.  Comet Lucifer looks like it could be ok, but I’m a bit worried that our hero looks 13 and sounds like his balls haven’t dropped yet… is there some unwritten rule that says adults can’t be in charge of world changing mechas?  I’m still waiting on the new Garo, but it doesn’t look all that closely related to the old one so I’m a bit wary of it.  I’m very much looking forward K: Return of Kings, episode 1 was ok and I hope it only gets better from there.  I’m not interested in Young Black Jack since I’ve never seen the original show but it looks like one of the better shows airing this season.  I’m super fucking pumped for Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, because I loved the first Utawarerumono, and it had a solid first episode.  But the winner of the Fall 2015 First impressions is… ONE PUNCH MAN!!!  Which had a fucking amazing first episode, hands down the best start of the season, this show looks like a lot of fun, so I encourage you to check it out in case you haven’t already.  And that about wraps up my first impressions of this season.  Hopefully y’all enjoyed it.


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