Surly Summaries: Kekkai Sensen Finale

So we finally got that double length episode Kekkai Sensen finale, months after the show had stopped airing of course, and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed.  Now if you so happened to read my original post on the series, linked here, I doubt you will be overly surprised.  I liked Kekkai Sensen quite a bit, but I argued that whatever merits the double length episode might have had was outweighed by the costs inflicted by delaying the ending.  However I expected this ridiculous double length finale would at least be equal in quality to the rest of the series.  And boy was I disappointed on that front.  Anyway from here on there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

Kekkai Sensen has always been something of an erratic series, it’s episodic in nature, the camera angles change all the time and the scenery goes from stark, fog-shrouded cityscapes to psychedelic, otherworldly environs.  This is what the finale preserves, the erratic nature of the series.  It is a jumbled mess of incoherent nonsense.  For starters they changed the King of Despair, who was set up to be some crazy powerful vampire when the series was still airing, to the Watchman aka the Archangel Uriel.  This transition makes no sense at all.  If Leo can see what the Watchman really is, and according to the final episode he can, why does he describe his aura as that of a vampire back when the season was airing?  Also the Watchman is an archangel, as in one of the good guys, why is he behaving more like a fallen angel?  This on its own would be cause for complaint but the finale does much worse.  Klaus’ battle against the Watchman was incredibly lame compared to the fights that came before.  There are way too many random people involved in the episode.  White dies and Leo is the one who convinces her to do so.  But more than all of these the double length episode did so little with itself.  It was frantically cutting back and forth between different people but so little of the episode had substance.  The finale was essentially a 40 min episode about Leo running around the city, while all the people in Libra made various cameos and references to earlier episodes while they mowed down a horde of zombies that come out of literally nowhere.  In other words it was pretty fucking lame.  Also I think it would have been better had the finale been about Leo saving White, not convincing her to die to save her brother.  Because I was way more invested in White and Leo as a pair than Black, and it would have been a bit more powerful in terms of storytelling.  In short the only thing I thought was good about the ending was the way the Collapse fucked with the city, they did a great job working with the shifting environments.  But sadly I don’t walk into an action-comedy just for the scenery.  So this finale was a huge disappointment, not worthy of the rest of the series and certainly not the several month delay it took to see it.


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