Anime Trick-or-Treat

Hello everyone.  Halloween is traditionally a time when everyone starts making videos, blog posts, and AMVs about horror anime.  So in the spirit of being different, I’m not going to talk about horror, at least not by choice.  Instead I’m going to do a bit of community outreach, which is a fancy-pants way of saying I’m taking requests.  The plan here is to take around 20 requests and compile them into one giant Halloween post, to make an anime candy basket if you will, for all of you.  The rules are below:

Rules and Regulations:

  • I will take requests from the time this post is published until 11:59 10/29/15, any requests made after this time will not be addressed. If I have not reached the 20 request limit by this time you may be able to sneak in a request during the wee hours of the morning on 10/30/15 before I get up and start working, I make no promises though.
  • For those of you making requests: instead of asking for me to do an entire series, limit your requests to any scene, battle, character, group of characters/organization, weapon, spell, magic/superpower, physical ability or literary/anime concept. I will analyze these things in medium-sized blurbs as opposed to writing reviews of 20 entire shows because that would be really hard to do in 24 hours.
  • If you want something reviewed that is not on my list of examples, go ahead and make your request and I will get back to you about whether I can do it or not. If you list something I’ve never seen I will also let you know and allow for an alternate request.
  • Let’s try and keep this one request per person. I will make a caveat, if you post a request and I have not met the 20 request limit 2 days after your first request you may make a second.  I will not take more than two requests from anyone.
  • To make a request go ahead and leave a comment on this post and this post only. Any requests made on other posts will be treated as a separate thing and I won’t get to it until later.  In the event I have not hit my 20 request limit by the deadline I may use the requests posted on different posts.

2 thoughts on “Anime Trick-or-Treat

  1. So Mr. Chesto – your offer was quite hard to ignore. So, I do have a request, and I don’t think it’s been done before – but I could be wrong. And I hope that the community doesn’t find me too plebeian in talking about the overdone Naruto.

    But I’m curious about your take on the nature of Kimimaro’s kekkai-genkai. In an analytical approach, how could that reasonably work with chakra control and body manipulation, as well as matter conservation?


  2. I have so many different ideas for requests…!
    But I think, after much deliberation, I have decided upon a group of characters/magic: the demons in Black Butler. I know it may be a challenge with so few characters to draw upon, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about them.


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