Anime Trick-or-Treat: Emergency Update

Hey guys just wanted to let you all know the Anime Trick-or-Treat special all-request post is having a deadline extension.  I probably won’t get around to writing it late tonight in any event so I have decided to continue taking requests until midnight tonight, a full 24 extension from the original deadline.  I’m also offering up an alternative.  Since Halloween is a time for spirits and weird happenings I was considering writing a Hidden Gems post for Hakkenden:Tohou Hakke Ibun since it is a show with a lot of spirits and weird happenings.  If y’all would rather I do the Hidden Gems post, leave a comment here or on the original Anime Trick-or-Treat post linked below, with any statement containing the word “Hakkenden”.  At the end of the day I will take which ever one has the most comments, guest requests (of which there are currently 2 out of a max 20) or the Hakkenden Hidden Gems post (which obviously has 0 comments at this point).

If you want to make a request, the rules, you can ignore the stuff about the dates, can be found in the original post linked here.

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