Anime trick-or-Treat: My Shitty Candy Basket

Ok this little project was almost a total failure, I guess I’m less approachable than I thought.  But as I am a man of my word, I present to you the meager offerings I have.  Anyway onto the requests.

Request:  My Thoughts on the Demons of Black Butler

I admit the demons are something of a mystery to me.  Black Butler never exactly explained how most of its supernatural stuff worked and the demons in particular are a bit of a mess.  Also it’s been a long time since I watched the show, so that doesn’t help.  The only absolutes with regards to demons are that they eat human souls, must obey any order their summoner/master gives them when they have a contract, and contracts are more powerful the closer the seal of the contract is to the summoner’s eye.  I seem to recall, perhaps incorrectly, Sebastian saying demons couldn’t lie, but the demons in the second season definitely lied to their master so that may just be Sebastian’s personal policy.  Or it could have been true in the manga but have been dropped in the anime.  The most baffling thing about the demons however is how they are summoned.  There isn’t a specific rule or ritual as is typical of demon summoning in fantasy.  For example Alois, the blondie from season 2, intentionally summoned his demon after wandering into its hideout and speaking with it.  Ciel on the other hand summoned Sebastian without even knowing about demons.  The only common link between Alois and Ciel is the trauma they were exposed to as children and having some level of interaction with supernatural beings before making a contract with their respective demons.  The demon contracts and behavior draw most of their traits from the tale of Faust, tempting and serving humans in exchange for a chance to devour their soul.  It’s also implied that by forming a contract and working with the demons, the summoner’s soul becomes more ripe/tasty to the demons, which is why they bother with the contracts at all.  The demons are very hit and miss as characters.  Sebastian is great, Alois’ demon is in violation of serious Sebatian copyright infringement and is therefore less interesting, and Hannah and her three servants confused the hell out of me back when I watched Black Butler season 2 because Hannah’s behavior was distinctly different from that of her fellow demons.  I think the demons would be more interesting if we knew more about them, if you look at both seasons, because otherwise they raise too many questions and it hurts your immersion in the show.  If we limit it to season 1 it matters less because Sebastian did not really need to be explained the way demons as a whole do, it was always pretty clear why he was working with Ciel and why Ciel needed an amazing demon servant.  Anyway, with the demons addressed I feel morally obligated to tell any potential readers of this post to watch season 1 and only season 1.  Maybe you can try out the Carnival one since it was retconned into season 1 but I never watched it so I can’t vouch for it.

Request: Take an Analytical Approach to Explain Kimimaro and the Bone-style Kekkei Genkai and how it works with Chakra Control, Body Manipulation and Matter Conservation.

Well in true Naruto fashion, the reason why Kimimaro has this ability is because his clan inherited it from Kaguya.  But to because I was asked to do this analytically, you bet your ass I’m going to.  The three things mentioned in the request were chakra control, body manipulation, and matter conservation with regards to Bone-style.  Let’s start with matter conservation.  In the show chakra is basically just treated as an energy source and the laws of physics are never addressed, but if you pay attention it usually acts like super dense matter.  Take for example Neji’s Kaiten, Hinata’s Twin Lion Fist and the Rasengan.  All three moves use raw chakra and in each one the chakra easily deflects or smashes physical objects, even though the objects are usually larger than the jutsu.  In this sense chakra can be thought of as very dense matter.  This would also explain the huge increases in physical strength seen in Rock Lee.  In Lee’s case the huge surge of extra chakra translates to a huge increase in the density of his body, therefore he can deliver blows far too heavy for a normal human.  It also explains why the 8 Gates puts so much stress on the user’s body, if you demand your body to move super fast despite being much heavier than normal, thanks to all the extra chakra, you will suffer serious damage the same way an elephant would if it ever fell down moving at full speed.  As for elemental techniques, they can be thought of as chakra that has been given a specific type of charge.  Different types of charges will affect the way the chakra changes in surface area and density, it may also govern how it moves.

Body manipulation is nothing new, Choji has been doing it since the Chunin exams and several other characters like Jiraya and Juugo have demonstrated the ability to change their bodies.  Body manipulation also works with how chakra is super dense matter.  In Choji’s case, his techniques essentially allows him to convert the very dense matter of chakra into the less dense forms of matter found in the human body, which in turn causes his surface area to expand significantly.  Jiraya and Juugo use a similar technique though they also seem to do more than just adjust the surface area of their bodies or hair.  In fact most body manipulation is far more involved than Kimimaro’s, involving changes to flesh, size, and bone structure.  For Kimimaro the only thing that changes is his bones, though he can manipulate them to a far greater degree than most forms of body manipulation.  Which bring us to chakra control.  I think the best explanation is that Kimimaro and his clan evolved a chakra vein network that was completely concentrated in their bones instead of flowing near their major organs.  If their chakra flow was limited in this way, it make their bones more chakra dense, giving them access to far greater mass in a much smaller area.  All of that additional energy and mass, concentrated in a relatively small area would account for the drastic shifts in bone shape, mass and density that Kimimaro demonstrated during his battles.  So therefore my hypothesis is that Bone style comes from a rare genetic deviation in which the chakra vein network becomes intertwined with the skeletal system instead of the major organ systems like the pulmonary and digestive systems.

One thought on “Anime trick-or-Treat: My Shitty Candy Basket

  1. Thanks for completing the request!

    I agree with you that Black Butler II is a mess, but I honestly like the new dimension Hannah brought to the demons. (I don’t think the triplets really add anything though. They make no sense to me.)
    Both Sebastian and Claude seem fairly devoid of emotion, although they do each seem to cling to their one desire, and inhuman – whereas Hannah seems to be a polar opposite. (Do I detect a hint of sexism? Perhaps.)
    Furthermore, I like the way both Claude and Hannah appear as much more independent characters than the strictly-servant Sebastian.
    Demons seem much more flawed and human-like in the second season.

    Although demons are supposed to obey orders, I don’t think it’s any sort of supernatural rule that they must obey. In season two, there is a moment in which an order is explicitly disobeyed.
    As for the strength of the contract, I thought it was based upon how noticeable the seal was, not its relation to the eye. And, anyway, what does “strength” even mean in terms of the contract?! The only hint we get is that it somehow involves proximity…
    Demons are definitely capable of lying. From my understanding, Sebastian simply made a promise to Ciel about being honest. However, he still lies by omission without any consideration whatsoever.

    I think some of the most critical questions left unanswered by the series are: How are demons, angels, and grim reapers created/born? How do they all coexist? Why do they exist at all, and what is their greater purpose? Are there other creatures of fantasy? Is there a god and/or a devil? What is Hell like?

    As for Book of Carnival, I am greatly enjoying it so far.
    It seems to be adding the human element to our non-human characters.
    It makes the ritual aspect of the demons more confusing (from what I’ve seen), too, because Sebastian doesn’t seem to have been summoned at all. However, that may be critical to the story. Sebastian could have came to Ciel of his own free will because he craved the soul so much.

    I certainly wish we knew more about the demons as well as the other beings.

    [[Note: I have not read yhe manga at all.]]


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