Surly Summaries: One Punch Man

This should be quick.

One Punch Man is hands down the best show of the now ending Fall 2015 season.  It’s been a few years since anything this fun and over the top came out, and was so popular.  One Punch Man totally knocks it out of the park, most of the time when I can’t wait to see the next episode of a show it’s because the previous episode ended on a fucking cliffhanger (oh hi there Noragami Aragoto) but One Punch Man manages to have few cliffhanger endings and still made me impatient as fuck for the next episode.  The action is interesting and hilarious, the characters are pure gold and the series manages to introduce some dark and serious shit in between all the goofy parts of the series.  I also liked how the animation could range from gorgeous to intentionally shitty and still be used well in the context of the scene, most shows either can’t manage that or don’t have the guts to try it.  Perhaps most impressive though was how they managed to maintain a consistent level of entertainment and tone despite the fact Saitama could easily have been described as boring and unimaginative for never being in danger of ever losing, that is not something many shows do well as I described in an earlier post.  Anyway if you haven’t seen this already, stop reading this and go watch it right now, you will be missing out if you don’t.

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