Surly Summaries: Noragami Aragoto

There will be major spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

Ah Noragami, where do I even begin with this one?  As a huge fan of mythology and folklore in general this series is something I consider a treat just from the concept alone.  It also helps that the action, character interactions, and characters are rather engaging.  That said Noragami Aragoto ended on something of an off note for me.  Going into this season I had Norgami as the number 2 anime of the season behind One Punch Man, at the season’s end it’s more like 3 or 4.  Keep in mind it’s not that the show ever got bad, to me the main thing was that the first arc was handled better than the second, which made the series end on a lesser note.  The funny thing is, the second arc was more complex and interesting than the first, but it was mostly the pacing that threw me off.  The first arc was very direct and it moved along a brisk pace, and as a result it was entertaining and resolved itself very well.  The second arc was more confused, with some episodes seeming to drag on forever and others going by in a flash.  More to the point the second arc raised a lot of questions that never got answered, so it was hard to feel like it had a climax despite the super flashy action when the Heavens used the Pacification Ring.  Overall the show was still quite good, but I hate being stuck with a bunch of questions without the promise of answers and the fact the latter arc was less satisfying than the former does the show no favors.

To get an idea of why the second arc frustrated me, allow me to elaborate.  I loved the introduction of Yomi, the Japanese underworld, and Izanami.  The Pacification Ring and various divine gatherings in Takamagahara, the home of the gods, were also intriguing.  But I have some questions.  Why does Yato try and hide the name Yaboku?  If it was famous most people would know him by it anyway and if it’s not famous who cares which one he uses?  How come Hiiro appears to age?  As far as I can tell no other Regalias age but Hiiro was in a flashback with Yato clearly appearing much younger, so what gives?  How come Yato’s dad can wield phantoms in daylight and without falling to corruption?  In every scene save for the final one and Ebisu’s battle with the heavens, masked phantoms were only used at night, and if I recall correctly Hiyori survived an encounter with Hiiro because the wolf phantoms she used to hunt Hiyori vanished with the coming of dawn.  So how come the phantoms can chill in broad daylight during the final scene?  And why doesn’t Yato’s dad get corrupted?  I thought the reason he needed the Locution Brush in the first place was because making the masked phantoms caused the maker to fall into corruption, that’s what happened to Ebisu after all.  And how does Yato’s dad work exactly?  He looks like the student who makes out with Hiyori while Yato was off killing people with Hiiro and regular people have no troubled noticing him.  Has he possessed the boy, or is otherwise residing in his body?  If not how can he be so visible to regular people when gods naturally fade into the background?  Like I get that gods can be noticed by everyone if they try but most get forgotten right away as soon as the human is no longer focusing on them.  If Yato’s dad is possessing or inhabiting the high school kid how much control does he have?  Does he own the body 24/7 or only when he wants to?  Because if he has the body 24/7 that means he kissed Hiyori despite her and Yato basically being a thing, which seems more like something that belongs in Netorare doujin than this otherwise respectable show.  Also how do Hiyori’s senses factor in?  Does she sense Yato’s dad differently from the other high school students because she’s more attuned to the Far Shore?  Can she tell when the body is possessed by the god or not, if the body is indeed possessed?  And holy fucking shit I literally have more questions than I do review…  Are you starting to see some of my problems with the show yet?  Anyway, despite all my nitpicking the show is still quite good and I do recommend it, but if this show doesn’t get a third season I will not be happy to put it mildly.  Thank you for reading, hope to see you in the next one.


One thought on “Surly Summaries: Noragami Aragoto

  1. I liked the first half of this season a lot more than the second as well; the former was just really well-paced and tightly focused, whereas the second half seemed to lose a lot of that drive. Also (and I realise this is completely subjective), I just don’t think the story itself was as good in the second half. Noragami has always done well when Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori have functioned (or dysfunctioned, as the case may be) as a trio – so when Aragoto basically ended up shunting both Yukine and Hiyori off to the sidelines, the story as a whole really went downhill for me. That said, I still enjoyed this second season a lot overall, and will definitely be watching the third whenever that gets released. Judging by that final after-credits scene, there almost certainly will be one.


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