Surly Summaries: Musaigen no Phantom World

You know I usually wait for a show to actually end before I do these kinds of posts.  However, this show was so disappointing it convinced me to start writing these when I drop a currently airing show from now on instead of just when a show is over.

Musaigen no Phantom World was never actually good.  I knew that, I said as much after episode 1, this show was not nor would ever be good.  But I at least expected that it would entertaining, and that, in conjunction with it’s undisputedly high quality animation, would make the show turn out ok.  Episode 1 for example was entertaining, what with the animated poles and the ridiculous fanservice scene during the limbo game.  It also had a few genuinely interesting bits, like when Reina ate that weird Phantom graveyard thing.  There were even bits where the comedy was good.  In episode 3 or 4 there’s a scene where Reina is eating at some restaurant and she’s doing the typical glutton character thing and eating plate after plate of food.  It’s a common trope, but Musaigen treads into some meta humor by actually showing us the waiter’s face get more and more distraught as Reina eats another plate, shot in this artsy style where the frame rate is way higher than normal for anime to get the punchline across without dragging the scene out.

Sadly that was one of the only moments in the show that tried to do anything interesting and was successful in doing so.  After episode 4 or 5, when the team has finally been fully assembled, the show just gets boring as fuck.  There is no driving narrative or plot, which is fine episodic shows aren’t exactly uncommon and they can be done well.  But where Musaigen fucks up is that its episodic adventures are just plain boring.  Even if some of the Phantoms are cool, like the weird cat-house Phantom that looked like it came straight from a Ghibli film, each episode just feels pointless.  They don’t add character development or romance or world-building or fucking anything.  They just sit there using all these wacky scenarios and monsters to deliver mostly uninteresting fanservice, if KyoAni has a weakness it’s that their fanservice pales in comparison to that from other studios, and mostly the same fucking tired anime joke scenarios and gags that got old years ago.  This was honestly one of the worst shows of the entire season, a total snorefest and a waste of excellent animation.  I am thoroughly disappointed in this one, do skip it if you haven’t watched it already.  See you in the next one.


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