Surly Summaries: Dimension W

I think Dimension W is a good reflection of this anime season overall, it got off to a good start and brought some interesting stuff to the table, but ultimately the end did not live up to the potential shown at the beginning.  This is not to say Dimension W is bad, much like Erased I think it did ok, but it wasn’t quite as good as I hoped.  There will be spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

Dimension W is kind of like the idiot child of Darker Than Black and Psycho-Pass.  It has the cool action scenes from Dark Than Black, and the main character even has a fighting style similar to Hei’s, but is totally centered on some scifi tech much like Psycho-Pass.  Sadly that’s about where the similarities end.  Dimension W has not thought it’s technology out, it’s basically a load of nonsense and what scant rules that exist can be bent for the sake of making the story cooler.  This isn’t so bad though, stupidity taken by horns and handled with gusto can result in shows that are truly memorable, and to some extent Dimension W reflects that.  Some of the Collectors, basically bounty hunters seeking those using illegal tech, had some bizarre appearances and weapons which was kind of cool.  That said Dimension W doesn’t take it’s stupidity far enough to be truly gloriously dumb and I would be astounded if this show doesn’t mostly fade from the anime community’s collective memory in a few years.

But the real problem is that the whole thing just comes off as kind of half-assed.  Kyouma seemed like a badass in episode one but he got less interesting as I learned more about him.  Mira was cute but she’s not cute enough for me to promote show based on her looks.  The whole Africa faction seemed mostly like a side show, even though it covered some serious events I never really felt any emotional impact or tension.  Even Loser who was arguably the most complex and interesting man in the show made more impact with his cool design than his narrative.  And the villain Seameyer was just another boring over the top evil crazy guy trying to play up his evilness by being mindlessly cruel despite just being edgy and not at all engaging.  And the finale was a big let down, because it wasn’t the crescendo it needed to be and it was just a bit too warm and fuzzy for me.  This show was ok and I would recommend that any who wants to give a go, should try it, but I can’t really call it good show and I wouldn’t recommend to those who aren’t already kind of interested.  That’s all I have to say really.  See you in the next one.

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