Seasons Greetings: The Spring of Hope 2016

Hello and welcome to the Spring 2016 season of anime first impressions post of some random guy on the internet.  You see before the season started  I was looking at the seasonal chart and thought, “shit there isn’t much here that looks good.”  However after watching some of the shows I was iffy on, I can happily say this will probably be the one of the best anime seasons we’ve had in a while.  Rejoice my readers, for this is a season of hope and joy.  And shit, never forget the shitty anime coming out alongside the all the goodness, I certainly haven’t and with that in mind let’s start with bashing the shit shows before returning to positivity.

This may be a season of hope but there’s still plenty of shit to watch out for.  Terra Formars returned in a spectacular fashion this season, as in spectacularly bad.  Where the original was a gritty, edgy show that was followed in Attack on Titan’s footsteps, season two is a brighter shounen style story that totally kills what little Terra Formars had going for it in season one.  In other shitty sequel news, the Asterisk War season 2 is out and barring literal divine intervention will be the same generic piece of shit the first season was. Also a show called Hundred s out and it looks just like the Asterisk war, so you can watch two shitty generic teenage power fantasies at once.  The Ace Attorney anime adaptation is here as well and while it could be good, I have hard time trusting most game adaptations, there are a few really good ones but most flop.  The same applies to the Onigiri show which is also coming out this season.  Other notably bad shows to look out for are Seisen Cerberus which looks hilariously bad, Pan de Peace which appears to basically be Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka but focused on bread instead of rabbits, and Re:Zero something or other, which sounds like it could have been interesting if not for the fact it sounds suspiciously like Erased (which I didn’t like very much) and came out the season after Erased, which gives it the unfortunate appearance of being a cheap Erased knock off, to me at least.  Now onto the good stuff, or at least the stuff I watched/want to watch.

Boku no Hero Academia:  This is basically reverse X-men with way more style and teenage shenanigans.  The first episode got off to a very promising start and considering all the hype behind the show already I would imagine it’s going to be one of the biggest hits of the season.  Let’s hope it lives up to those expectations.

Bungo Stray Dogs:  I was a little concerned that this show was going to end up edgy as fuck and while the flashback scenes the main character has about being told to die in a ditch qualify as edgy, overall the series had a lot more life and humor to it than I was expecting.  The first episode was not great, but it was pretty good, good enough to convince me to keep watching.  Honestly it only felt like a relatively weak opening episode because we got a lot more strong starts than normal.  Overall though I think this one will end up being pretty good and is worth paying attention to.

Concrete Revolutio Season 2:  I was a big fan of Concrete Revolutio and the first episode of season two did not disappoint.  Unlike the first episode from the first season, which was a clusterfuck, this episode neatly tied a bunch of the flashforward scenes from season one together and showcased the character story that laid the foundation for those flashforward scenes.  Concrete Revolutio season 2 is off to a great start and I’m ready for more wacky, colorful goodness to come.

Endride:  This honestly isn’t very good.  It’s basically Arata Kangatari but with a weirdly rock/gem specific focus.  It will probably suck but I’m planning on watching a little longer, if only because the bad guy has the same ridiculous eyebrows as the dad character from Luck and Logic and fights with what is basically a giant clothespin with spear tips on one end.

Joker Game:  I’m a bit torn on this one.  One the one hand I like setting, 1930’s Japan, and I dig the Baccano-esque character designs.  Unfortunately the show also came off way heavy handed in a few scenes which hurt that first episode.  I do like the dynamic between the patriotic main guy and all the jaded spies and I think this has a lot of potential to be good, I’m just a bit worried that if the heavy handed shit continues a lot of that potential will be wasted.  Either way it certainly has my attention for now and I do hope it turns out well.

Kiznaiver:  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one.  The first episode certainly flew by and the concept is interesting but because the first episode had so many establishing details to get through not much really happened that gave me an idea of how good the narrative would be or how much I would like the characters.  Speaking of the characters some are Kill la Kill-style teens, while others feel more like they walked out of the Monogatari franchise instead.  In fact the first episode felt surprisingly like a Shaft show in comparison to Trigger’s other work, which I view mostly as a positive because I like a lot of Shaft’s stuff.  I think this will be good but so far the first episode just hasn’t given us much to go on.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri:  Welcome to Attack on Zombie: Steampunk Smackdown.  In all seriousness this had one of the strongest first episodes of the season.  A few things did bother me, like why would the people be super thorough in investigating a train during the day and then drop the drawbridge for one at night no questions asked just because one was expected and the other wasn’t?  That doesn’t seem reasonable to me.  Also the melodrama is already being played up a lot and that doesn’t work as well during an opening episode than it would had it occurred later in the season.  The artstyle is also a little weird to  me, like if some took the super-realistic Attack on Titan designs, dropped all the shading and borders and then tried to copy Ufotable’s God Eater.  This isn’t to say the art is bad, it works for the most part, it’s just that  every now and them people sort of move in ways that make them look funny or just look wrong.  Aside from all that the show does look like it’ll be good.  The main character is a more interesting take on Eren Jager and I’m glad that zombificaton disease can be thwarted.  Also we have a steampunk feudal Japan, which is cool.  This is definitely looking good so far.

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken: This hasn’t come out yet and that annoys me.  However I’m a big fan of Magi so I’m looking forward to it.

Mayoiga:  This is one the stranger shows out this season.  The first two episodes are out but I still don’t know exactly what to make of it.  Some people are saying it’s going to be another Another and to some extent I get that vibe but it also feels like end up going in a totally different direction.  I just don’t really know what to make of it so far but I kind of love how everyone has ridiculous names and a smattering of stupid over the top personalities.  This one has a lot of potential to be bad but I’m not ready to condemn it just yet.  If you like weird, mystery shows this is probably for you.  Otherwise maybe steer clear of this one unless you hear good things about it.

Shounen Maid:  This show is stupid and it’s aware of that.  It reminds me of Hayate no Gotoku minus the tsundere and plus more fujoshi influences.  The first episode wasn’t all that good but I’m willing to see if this show becomes something entertaining or funny, or if it falls by the wayside.

Sousei Onmyouji:  This show kicked ass in the first episode.  I was going to skip this one because it sounded dumb and to be honest as much as I like the lore surrounding onmyouji, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a really good show focused on them.  The only shows I can think which feature onmyouji heavily are Tokyo Raven, which was alright, , and Nurarhiyon no Mago season 2, which was good but was more about the youkai than the onmyouji. The show’s description does not do it justice at all, it sounds boring and run of the mill, and to be fair it could end up that way.  However the first episode was like a great mashup of Kill la Kill and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magicka, in other words it was awesome.  Rarely has a show that looked like something I would normally skip shown itself to be something I can get hyped for, I think the last time that happened for me was when Cross Ange came out and that kicked ass, so I’m really looking forward to this one.


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