Surly Summaries: Ajin

Ajin was the opposite of most shows from the Winter 2016 anime season.  Where many shows started strong and ended up falling flat, Ajin got off to weak start but ended up getting a lot better over the course of the season.  From here on there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

I’m guessing a lot of people who were excited for Ajin ended up dropping it pretty quickly and I can’t say I blame them.  Between the all CG animation (which was good by CG standards but failed to match more traditional animation) and the extremely poorly made first episode, I would expect many to have lost interest in Ajin.  Hell I would have lost interest in Ajin, if not for the fact I wasn’t watching a whole lot else.  However the story does improve, just not right away.  The first three or four episodes are by far the least interesting in the series, off the top of my head the only scenes which were really memorable was the introduction of the IBM monsters, the reveal of Tosaki’s assistant as an Ajin and Kei’s sister describing the lack of humanity in her brother.

However once Satou gets more heavily involved and they bring in the Ajin expert, things really begin to pick up, because there’s more action between characters that actually matter and not thugs trying to get a bounty or random cop A, and because the Ajin expert can finally dispense some much needed exposition on what Ajin are and how their powers work exactly.  Tension mounts in later episodes as Tosaki is put under pressure from his superiors, while Satou puts together his terrorism plan.  Meanwhile Kei does a good job keeping the low key scenes in the village he escapes to interesting by exploring his powers, making preparations to flee, and interacting with a more idealistic Ajin, Nakano.  Towards the end we get to see major events taking place, elaborate battle plans, brutal action and then it’s all tied back to Kei who surprises everyone by being to use powers beyond what Tosaki and the Ajin expert understood about the Ajin, throwing their whole plan in disarray.  Point being the series ends on a high note, and I definitely would like to see more, which is more than I can say for most of the Winter 2016 season.  If you can hand the all CG animation then this show is worth checking out.  I hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll see you in the next one

2 thoughts on “Surly Summaries: Ajin

  1. The CG animation definitely threw me off at first, but I eventually got used to it. Plus, the story is the strong point for sure. I definitely enjoyed this series.


  2. I didn’t mind the CG all that much. Sure, I would’ve preferred more traditional animation given the choice, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. Besides, the more than competent writing and at times stellar action sequences (and I’m not even an action fan) more than made up for it. Honestly though, I think the fact that it was never officially screened outside of Netflix probably had more to do with its low audience numbers than the CG did.


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