Surly Summaries: Concrete Revolutio Last Song

WHAT. THE. FUCK.  This has been one of the biggest disappointments I have sat through in a while.  There will be spoilers ahead.

I legitimately wished they never made this second season, I would rather have been left hanging for all time with nothing but season one and all the potential it had than this pathetic result.  Concrete Revolutio Last Song is a baffling step backwards from the first season in almost every way.  The only thing Last Song did better for sure was the first episode because Last Song’s first episode was fucking awesome, it was coherent, it was on point and it explained how the mechanical detective turned from the straight-laced good guy to a criminal hellbent on killing a lot of people.  But after that the story just falls apart.  The biggest problem with Last Song is that starts with the same slower pace the early episodes of season one had, even though it no longer makes sense to do so.  It tries to slowly tie everything together into the final conflict the way season one did, except it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work because the huge climactic ending of the first season set the stage for power episodes,  where the story and characters are supposed to make big strides and we see big battles, and we get a sense that conflict has escalated until we get to the final battle.  Instead Last Song seems content to show the plot by implication while it keeps the status quo for almost the entire season and introduces a bunch of new characters, plot twists, and concepts, most of which don’t really add anything.

And then they cram so much shit into the final episode that is has no sense of pacing, build-up or climax at all.  It doesn’t make any fucking sense, they spend almost almost all of Last Song doing basically nothing with the story and just adding characters like the Iron Masked Fencer, and showing us that Jaguar was turning evil but no he really wasn’t, and then in the final episode they cram in a giant battle, reveal the final villain’s powers and defeat him in minutes and have all the monsters teleport to an alternate reality which is supposed to be our reality.  Concrete Revolutio is Kekkai Sensen all over again, it has all this color, all this crazy shit, all this heart and soul, and then it fucking implodes in the final episode.  And the worst part is that all they added to the show was mostly crap.  The main bad guy was boring as shit and he was beaten so fast he didn’t have a final villain feel, most of the new monsters and characters are notably less interesting than the characters from season one, and I was not at all a fan of the idea that this was an alternate reality and that Jiro was the energy of the atomic bomb given human form.  Really the only cool addition to the story here was the idea of using monsters as fuel and having the monsters fight back, starting with Emi killing Master Ultima.  And the storytelling was just plain incompetent in Last Song.  In the first season all the flash-forwards where we saw events that would happen in Last Song clued us into the fact that the episodic adventures were going to lead to something bigger even if they didn’t tell us how they would get there.  In Last Song some of the episodic adventures have no relevance to the story at all and you only become aware of those that do tie into the final conflict after the final conflict is already revealed at which point the connection doesn’t even feel clever or vaguely interesting because you have to process the ridiculous amount of information in the finale and have stopped caring.  And the final episode should have been two episodes, one to show the large scale battle and one to show the battle with the main villain and the future stuff where Kikko is a low key witch, because that way you could have at least paced the finale well.  Instead so much happens in the final episode that none of it has any sense of buildup or impact, especially the main villain or Jiro’s transformation into an invisible energy dragon.  But no, that would require thought and skill, and the creators clearly spent all of theirs on season one and we’re left with this clusterfuck of a sequel.  FUCK.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.


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