Surly Summaries: Bakuon

Fuck yes, that’s all I really need to say about this show.  You know I usually reserve swearing with regards to moe shows when talking about how fucking slow they are, but Bakuon is anything but.  It’s constantly doing new things and moving forward in the story, even if there’s no particular end point in the narrative.  As some one whose only really gotten into moe shows when they are slow, relaxing experiences like Gochuumon wa Uasgi desu ka or Non Non Biyori, Bakuon was a surprisingly fun change of pace.  It has a little bit of something for everyone, except maybe the action crowd, but it’s main concern is comedy and it passes the test with flamboyantly flying colors.

Bakuon is fucking hilarious, and you don’t need to be into motorcycles at all (I’m not) to have a good laugh.  The shows comedy is mix of silly events, very on-point joking criticisms of certain groups, and some of the most entertaining madness I’ve seen in some time.  For example there’s one episode where they start with a segment on bikers, how bragging rights among bikers is about who has the most expensive bike, and how bikers can be total snobs who don’t obey the rules of the road while demanding everyone  else should, as a guy with a couple biker snob friends myself I can say it was 100% spot on and I laughed through the entire thing.  But if you really want something to sell you, I’ll you about what grabbed me, because I almost skipped this show until I heard about this part.  In the first episode when the main girl goes to the driving school to get her motorcycle license her instructor tells her to listen to her training bike, and then without warning the bike legitimately starts talking for minutes on end, and her advice is split 50/50 between how to ride a motorcycle properly and how to do sexual stuff, because since the bikes a training bike and has “been ridden by so many men” her personality is that she’s slutty and it’s great.  Bakuon is full of ridiculous stuff like that and I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a feel-good comedy, this was way more fun than I ever expected it to be, and that’s about the highest praise I can give a series really.


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