Raging Rant: Fuck Positivity (And D Gray Man Hallow)

The following will contain spoilers for D Gray Man and the first episode of D Gray Man Hallow but mostly this is going to be about me, blasting the show, the community and fans of D Gray Man Hallow for being too positive and lashing out at me for being negative.  You have been warned.

Before I really get going I want to set the stage for anyone who might not understand why I railing against the community and positivity.  I’m a big fan of D Gray Man, I mean I already wrote a decent sized review of D Gray Man, but in case you didn’t read it here’s a summary.  D Gray Man is a great show because while it can be lighthearted and funny and power of friendship like a normal shounen show, it generally has a much darker tone and more fucked up shit is going down on a near constant basis whenever someone isn’t laughing.  The lore is pretty interesting and I feel that D Gray is more capable of subtlety and nuance than most of it’s shounen counterparts.  Allen Walker is a great main character because he’s the stereotypical main shounen hero but he’s also an outcast in his own group because he has a totally different mindset and the powers he gains in the later episodes separate  him even further from the rest of the group.  Moreover the introduction of, I think his name is Chouji, he gets his Innocence during the Raid on the Ark aka very late in the show, added a new dynamic because he didn’t know Allen very well and absolutely exploded in anger when Allen said he was going to save the Noah Clan by killing their Noah and not the actual body, quite reasonably so because all of his friends were killed by Akuma.  And Road and Allen make such a great pair that not only do I proudly ship them with all my being but the concept of one of the main heroes and one of the main villains being attracted to each other and hitting it off at all has become one of the hottest relationship archetypes to me.  I’m a passionate man and I really loved D Gray Man, which is why I’m so fucking furious at D Gray Man Hallow and everyone else’s reaction to it.

The biggest problem with D Gray Man Hallow is that it’s trying to be a reboot and continuation at the same time and fucking both up horribly.  The story may be continuing where the old D Gray Man left off, but Hallow’s characters might as well be at square one.  And in the process they have legitimately ruined everything about the old D Gray Man.  I’m not kidding they fucked up everything and I’m a about to break it down piece by piece.

For starters they recast all of the voice actors, literally all of the fucking voice actors have changed and it drives me up the fucking wall.  Allen sounds like he just walked out of a jam session with an up and coming boy band.  Lenalee sounds like weak little girl.  Lavi sounds younger Allen now despite being older than Allen.  Bookman has become the narrator from Hayate no Gotoku and lost the scratchy, phlemgy bent his old voice actor had to really sell the part, now he has generic old man/narrator voice.  Cross sounds more like he used to than anyone else but even has lost some the more guttural or throaty nuances to his style of speaking.  Kanda is still a dick but his voice has somehow become more bland despite having more emotion than the old one used to.  Arystar has fucking Hermes-from-the-new-Arslan-Senki’s voice and it sounds awful, he’s supposed to be mostly a goofy naive character not a ragged seeker of vengeance.  And Miranda’s new voice actor was so bland I can’t even remember it well enough to describe it, and I watched the first episode twice when it came out just to confirm how shitty it was.

And it’s not just the voice acting, none of the new actors have any kind of chemistry thus far, no real rhythm to their interactions yet.  This is disappointing because part of what made the old cast so good was that despite all their differences they had great chemistry and some of the best back-and-forth dialogue shounen shows have to offer.   More to the point none of the characters behave like they should, Arystar is looking like a badass when he’s supposed to be mostly an almost childishly innocent thanks to having lived most of his life in seclusion.  Lenalee’s brother is a straightforward and serious character who has his shit together in Hallow, and he used to be almost nothing but a comic relief character in the old D Gray Man.  Also Lavi and Bookman can now communicate telepathically for some reason, seriously where the fuck did that come from?  Even characters from the distant past aren’t safe, child Allen has becoming an angry brat when he used to be a very sad child and that sadness fit him so well because it made way more sense not just for his child self but how it later influences his current self, anger is not in character for Allen in most circumstances.  Likewise Mana, Allen’s foster father has become a goofy clown despite him being a very down to earth and serious character in the old D Gray Man.  Kanda and Allen are still at odds but for some fucking reason when Kanda calls Allen a bean sprout, “moyashi,” they don’t bicker at all… that was one of the main things that set those two off in the old series and was a perfect way to get them arguing, but Hallow just skipped past it like Kanda never said anything.  This is especially depressing since one of the greatest comedic moments in D Gray Man was this amazing argument that started with Kanda calling Allen a moyashi after almost accidentally killing him.  When Kanda says moyashi in Hallow and Allen doesn’t fucking respond I felt like the show was advertising just how much it wouldn’t be the D Gray Man I knew and loved.

The visuals have also drastic redesigns.  Everyone has new uniforms and while I don’t think they are bad, I don’t get why everyone else seems to be into them because they aren’t as cool and unique as the old Exorcist coats and they don’t do a lot show the differences in rank the same way the Finders and Exorcists used to looking totally different did back in the old D Gray Man.  The Akuma have gotten significantly more colorful as well, which isn’t a bad change per se, but I do think it feeds into the much bigger problem of the show getting lighter in tone which I’ll discuss later.  There are however several redesigns I truly hate.  Mana, Allen’s foster father has gone from a rugged and ragged travelling entertainer in to colorful fat clown, child Allen did not have white hair for some reason despite him always having it the old D Gray Man.  Worst of all though is Miranda, in Hallow she has an unbelievably generic design and it’s killing me.  Part of what made Miranda so memorable and in my opinion hot, was that she had an absolutely hideous design prior to becoming an Exorcist, so when she becomes an Exorcist and looks pretty good you appreciate how much her image has improved.  This is the closest I have ever been to experiencing “gap moe” (the increased attraction to someone because they go against expectations) in real life, seriously Miranda is so much hotter than she should be because you can see the change from her ugly design to her reasonably attractive design, it’s amazing.

They even fucked up the powers both visually and in general use.  For example in episode one of Hallow Kanda uses what was one of his most advanced attacks from the old D Gray Man, a move he only used on the Noah.  Why?  Was Kaichou Ichigen (First Illusion Hell Insects) too hard for the new team to animate?  Because Kanda the character would have used Kaichou Ichigen, he was swatting low level Akuma not battling for his life against a Noah, why would he have used anything else?  Lavi uses the correct move Hi Ban (Fire Seal) but the animation is different, it’s much faster and it doesn’t show all of the other seals he could potentially choose from, and because he doesn’t hit one seal of many the motion is wrong.  Arystar’s is the one they least messed with although his new design put more emphasis on his arm, which is weird because the arm is Allen’s thing and Arystar’s is his fangs.  Allen, for some reason uses his ultimate sword to kill low level Akuma instead of just using his claw, which is what the old Allen would have done, just killed them with the claw because the sword is impractical because it requires him to remove one of his own arms to use and it’s only really meant for fighting Noahs and the Millenium Earl.  Oh and they even forgot to make Allen’s eye transform when he’s fighting the Akuma, you know the single most important facet of his entire character and they fucking forgot to show it!  Also Miranda’s power isn’t really shown at all, she’s just wearing green glowing disc made from her old clock, even though her time powers clearly used gold and yellow not green in the old D Gray Man and had more explicit clock effects to boot.

By far the most troubling change though is the overall shift in tone I mentioned earlier.  As I explained in my review, the Old D Gray Man was a much darker show than is typical for a shounen.  Level 1 Akuma are the basic enemy everyone fights and to make one at least two people have to die and one has their soul trapped in a killing machine until an Exorcist saves it.  The Exorcists fight thousands of Level 1 Akuma, dozens of Level 2 Akuma, which Level 1’s evolve into after they kill a bunch of people, and even a bunch of Level 3, which Level 2’s evolve into after killing many more people.  There’s also some dark shit like Road tormenting that one Exorcist general by making him relive the death of his students over and over or the doctor who poisons his own patients and helps the Earl create Akuma to get some extra cash or best of all, Suman Dark betraying the entire Black Church and becoming some damned monster which Allen has to defeat.  The old D Gray Man was full of dark stuff and it was awesome.  By comparison Hallow starts with a flashy action scene in a cartoonish scenario about Innocence keeping the hand of dead chess master alive to play a game with someone who can beat him, so that the Exorcists can destroy the new shiny Akuma and it can all be timed to match the chess game… It’s madness and not the cool and fun madness that I like, it’s contrived bullshit trying to capture the sense of cool and fun madness, and actually going mad in the process.

In a similar vein the old D Gray Man was more subtle about important topics.  In Hallow Cross just tells Allen who the 14th is in a bland exposition scene where two just stand around in a room talking, and Cross’s sudden decision to tell Allen about the 14th comes out of nowhere.  In the Old D Gray Man the overseers of the Black Church didn’t want Allen and Cross to talk at all, and Cross dodges the question when Allen does get a chance to ask him.  Likewise Allen trying to be a “destroyer and savior” to the Akuma is something he never explains to anyone else in the old D Gray Man, it’s just part of his mindset and it would get him into trouble because no one else can see Akuma the way Allen can, so to most people they are simply target to destroy, while Allen literally sees a soul to save.  In Hallow he just says something like says “let this Akuma’s soul be saved” and Kanda confronts him about it for 2 seconds and the scene moves on without anything important happening.  Because like I said, they literally fucked up everything in Hallow.

Other random complaints that bothered me are that Cross somehow receives a heavy wound instantly, which makes no sense because the old D Gray Man clearly showed that all of the Exorcist Generals were monsters, it took two Noahs to beat even the weakest Exorcist General, and Cross is supposed to be the most dangerous, or at the least the most mysterious, of the Exorcist Generals.  He went toe to toe with the Millennium Earl, the main bad guy and possibly Satan himself, and didn’t take a single hit… Who the fuck got him so bad in Hallow?  Also Lavi has a line like “as expected of expert Exorcists” in response to seeing everyone fight, and it makes no goddamn sense.  Lavi has been fighting alongside the rest of the cast for dozens of episodes across multiple continents fighting everything from low level Akuma trying to capture Innocence in backwater European villages to invading the Earl’s fortress in Japan… he already knows how good everyone is and most of what they can do.  Why include a line like that?  The only thing I can come up with is that reinforces that Hallow is something new, that everything has a fresh start.  And if Hallow was a normal reboot that would be fine, but it isn’t, because the story is not being given a fresh start.  Which is why this whole show is fucked.

See the problem here for me, I mean aside from all the details I take issue with, is what D Gray Man Hallow is, a reboot and a continuation.  Because here’s the thing, I don’t usually buy into hype for anime, I’m very much a guy who forms his own opinions and doesn’t give a shit about what the community is excited about.  But I was hyped for D Gray Man Hallow, because they said it was continuation, because I can hype myself for shows I think I will like.  If they had announced a D Gray Man reboot, I might have watched it but I would have cared way less about it than a continuation.  Because what I really want when it comes to D Gray Man, is I want it to come back, I want the old D Gray Man to come back and kick ass and move forward and fulfill all the potential it had.  I don’t really want a new D Gray Man, not unless it’s a reboot that involved all the old staff and voice actors.  If they wanted to take the old team and revamp the old D Gray Man, I would have been down with that.  But like I said what I really want is more of the real D Gray Man, the old D Gray Man.  For me the only warning I had that D Gray Man Hallow was going to be shit was a day or two before the first episode aired.  I checked the staff on a whim, saw all the new voice actors, checked their roles compared to the roles of old voice actors and I was worried because of the people I looked at, the new voice actors were way less experienced and some of their roles did not line up at all with their D Gray Man Hallow roles.  The problem is that for some fucking reason someone decided that instead of a reboot or a continuation, they would make both at the same time even though they have totally opposite intents.  A continuation continues something established, a reboot gives something a fresh start, they have opposite goals and some moron combined them and it fucking sucks.  This is such a basic mistake  that there is no way D Gray Man Hallow will ever be good, or at least it won’t be what I want, what I consider to be good.  Everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion of course but Hallow fails at such a fundamental level to me that I would be utterly fucking amazed if it stops being shit.  I don’t think it’ll ever get good but if it can even achieve mediocrity I will be impressed, I won’t like it mind you, but I’ll be impressed.  Because as it currently stands with me D Gray Man Hallow ought to be renamed D Gray Man Hollow, because it has none of the original’s heart and soul.

Poignant alternate names for the show aside there is one final issue that I need to address, the positive, celebratory community.  Let me start with this: You are all FUCKING MORONS, well most of you anyway.  Now you’re allowed to be excited, to be happy, to have opinions that aren’t mine, but there is one thing you aren’t allowed to do and that’s try and shut me down for being negative.  Look I get why someone might be excited for D Gray Man Hallow, I used to be one of you positive bright eyed people, and some people have given their reasons as to why all new stuff doesn’t bother them or maybe even excites them.  Which is fine, if you really want a new look for D Gray Man then Hallow might excite you, though I would think you’d prefer a reboot to a continuation, but whatever maybe I’m just pickier than most people, in fact I’m sure I am.  And if you want to argue in D Gray Man Hallow’s favor and say, I don’t know, that you like the new uniforms or like the more colorful Akuma, do it, seriously more power to you.  But that’s not what I saw a lot of.  I was the first guy to write a negative comment, and a substantial one at that, on the site I was using and the first two responses were, and I quote, “wrong” and “omg you’re so annoying shut up or gtfo.”  As of the end of Monday when Hallow aired, I was one of only three people who had made negative comments and I was the only one of those three to be confronted by multiple people whining about how I should leave and take my negativity with me, without actually arguing why D Gray Man Hallow was good.  And it’s fucking infuriating.

Look I’ve been confronted by more people on shows before, I got in a ton of long slogs with UBW fans over the new UBW.  But in those cases even when people disagreed with me they at least had arguments, they made points as to why it was good and why they thought I was wrong.  With Hallow though everyone who actually confronted me had no argument to make, they just thought I was being mean to the show they were so happy about and wanted me to leave and never come back.  Now if you were a fucking five year old I might be ok with that, but let’s face it I’ve never been confronted by a five year old in the comments section of an anime episode.  If you think I’m wrong that’s fine, most people probably do, in the same way I think all of you positive people are wrong and it’s fine for me to do that.  But also recognize that I am allowed to be a whiny negative bastard when I want to be, and when you actively want someone who disagrees with you to just go away, and never address my concerns or the concerns of people like me, then you are being a fucking infant and are by extension a fucking moron.

I feel that this also applies to people that are just so happy that D Gray Man is coming back, for one thing that mindset really makes you look sheep to me, sorry if that offends you but I don’t think more of something I like will automatically be good and I may not want more of it.  I’ve never watched the Steins Gate movie or OVAs for example because I felt like the original end of the show was the proper place for it to stop and adding more would not help improve my opinion of the show.  But  I can’t see why anyone who wanted more D Gray Man can even be happy because as I’ve described above, Hallow is not D Gray Man, D Gray Man has not come come back.  Oh sure the name is back, shells of characters we know and love are back, and if that’s enough to get you excited, then good for you, I guess. But D Gray Man is not back, we are not getting more D Gray Man, because this shitty show isn’t D Gray Man, because it has retained nothing of value from the real D Gray Man.  So why is anyone who wanted more D Gray Man happy?  Do you guys not care that it’s totally different?  Are shells of the characters and the name alone good enough for you?  Because if so, what the literal fuck?  I don’t understand how anyone can consume any media that mindlessly, let alone a show you really like.  If that works for you then I am happy for you and do encourage you to continue enjoying the show, I still think you’re morons though.

Anyway I think that about wraps this up.  I yelled the community for a bit and I think I covered all the problem of D Gray Man Hallow episode one.  More than anything else though I hope I’ve communicated to any who read the whole post where I come from and why I’m being so negative about the show.  I don’t understand why people are happy with this for the most part, and if someone would like to explain why they are to me then I’d love to hear it.  But by the same coin it seems to me that most of the positive people either don’t get why I’m being negative or don’t care, maybe both, and that’s why I need to write a post like this, so that people who aren’t me and may not be like me or think like me, understand me a little better and don’t stop by at the first hurdle by telling me to shut up or gtfo.  If I were to credit D Gray Man Hallow with anything, I must admit this has been the most fun I’ve ever had tearing apart a show I thought I was going to love, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined Hallow would fuck up so hard so fast and I had a blast writing this post trashing it.  So there is that I suppose.  Anyway thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in the next one.

17 thoughts on “Raging Rant: Fuck Positivity (And D Gray Man Hallow)

  1. I see your point about it being quite different. I still really enjoyed this first episode because I was worried they were going to totally destroy whereas they mostly just tweaked things and maybe that will get on my nerves down the line but at the moment I’m still one of those shiny, happy people that are just glad D Gray Man came back.
    Sorry people didn’t respect your views.


    • Thank you for respecting my views. I must admit I’m curious as to why you were really into the first episode though. To me all the tweaking you mentioned has destroyed the show, obviously you feel differently. If you don’t mind can you tell me what a total destruction of D Gray Man would look like to you and why you’re still positive about Hallow?


      • I still felt the chemistry between the characters. Kanda and Allen are still bickering. Miranda is still completely hesitant and I found her attempt to divert Allen with food hilarious. I still felt the darker tone of the series even through the brighter colours. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting even this much from a reboot of the series and just seeing the story progress is great news.
        Plus you were right about Cross. He is one of the toughest guys out there so now I really want to know who or what is strong enough to take him on. Rather than feeling it doesn’t make sense, I’m just hoping it means the villains are going to keep ramping up as they did toward the end of the original series. I may have my hopes here disappointed but I’m not ready to make that call yet.
        And yeah, using their powers in that fight that way was overkill and unnecessary and why were they even all fighting when Lenalee alone has taken on that many Akuma before and the only thing I can think of is it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the main crew and they just wanted to remind us who they were and what their power was and do it fast. Not the most elegant introduction but it did plunge us straight back into the world that we’ve been away from for a very long time.
        I’m also really glad that they didn’t turn Allen into your super confident leading man after the last battle. He’s still Allen with all his emotional hang-ups.
        However, all of this is one episode and they still have 12 more to either consolidate or destroy this series. I’m hoping for consolidation.


      • I will admit seeing Miranda stop and argument by offering Allen food was good, I don’t think it was particularly in or out of character for her to do it but it did make a decent enough exchange. I also agree them going overboard on the fight was solely because they wanted to reintroduce us to everyone and what they could do after 8 years of waiting and it may never happen again, but for my part I don’t think they ever had to overboard because even the base level powers were pretty rad and like I argued it felt out of character for them to do it, so it bugged me. Interestingly enough though the fact this is only thirteen episodes was one of the initial red flags for me before I saw the episode, because I thought/hoped they were going to keep it in the long running shounen form like the 2011 reboot of HunterxHunter.

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  2. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS ME. I am a huge d gray man fan but didnt have the time until now to rewatch the series and start seeing hallow. Was so pumped up! No trailers or anything like that to ruin the experience but after watching the old and starting right away the new… I almost puked… I dont fully agree in every point simply because the art is freaking horrible in most cases. Brights…. lack of detail like the old times… lack of ghotic style… lack of art and the only character that I rly liked the design was cross cuz he is exactly the same but with improved visuals. Miranda is completely fucked… as lenalee… etc etc. Not gonna even comment the voice actors or sudden personality change… I would puke if I tried. Earl was that creepy and bad guy… with his new voice and looks just seems like the a joke. Lenalee is a loli now… body and voice. Bookman on steroids… no muscle but a brutal voice LEL. Aleister has sasukes voice LMAO that awkward, shy and SUPER nice character now is edgy as fuck. Like… if you want to ruin the series then you done it! Ill stick with the manga and rewatch button of the original series… Brat Allen… what a joke. He smilled, he was super nice and had his angry moments at times but with kanda and cross… now he is just edgy… Fuck Hallow…


  3. Oh and almost forgot, cross’s voice seems like one of those new japanese porn/ boys band voices. All sexy and shit. He was supposed to be badass and be that asshole that everyone hates and loves at the same time. His voice was on the point. Now everytime he tries to make fun of someone I dont even get it just out of how unexpressive his new voice actor can be,


  4. okay, my point exactly when it comes to the series well i’m an avid reader and the color changing plays alot and damn well it destroys alot of the reasoning on why the weapon is the opposing color of the earl’s sword.

    Well i’ve read the manga to the latest for quite awhile since its not updated and watching the anime makes me think more crap about it.


    • I’ve not kept up with manga, I was not happy about the Earl just being a normal looking Noah in a fat suit – liked his goblin-meets-Dr.Robotnik look and they didn’t need to change it as far as I could tell. But are you saying they changed the color of Allen’s sword so it’s no longer the inverse of the Earl’s? I didn’t catch that, I was too busy staring at the bright red and white Akuma – Jesus they looked so much better in the original D Gray Man.


  5. I am very pleased to have found a post that described my frustration and disappointment so perfectly i had a very hard time getting through the first episode I doubt I’ll be able to keep watching


    • Glad I could help. Ironically the story, i.e. the part they didn’t really change, was actually good enough to make the show ok by the end but yeah it still pales in comparison to the original and in hindsight I kind of wish they never bothered with Hallow.


    I was super hyped about tje reboot, which only caused me to suffer a lot when I saw whatrhey had done to D Gray Man. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the weird animation and their problem with proportions.

    It’s just not ok. To me it looks like they wanted to earn some money out of the original series by creating a poor excuse of an anime.


  7. I agree with about everything u just wrote in this. Especially on the animations. Like wtf happened to detail! You would think with it having been 8 damn years that the detail would have been better not 10 times worse. They don’t show any of there moves properly or even there weapons. It’s so bland compared to the old 1 that its sickening.


  8. I agree with you on some parts for your rant. I tried watching D.Gray-man Hallow yesterday, after finally catching up with the manga (has been years since I’ve read it so I had to read it all over again) and some of your complaints about the series show that you have not been reading the manga. For example [THIS HAS SPOILERS FOR THOSE NOT READING THE MANGA]

    “Lenalee’s brother is a straightforward and serious character who has his shit together in Hallow, and he used to be almost nothing but a comic relief character in the old D Gray Man”. —- The manga equivalent for D.Gray-man Hallow has left no room for Komui to be playful, so the anime has actually been faithful to the story. He has been in deep shit and comic relief Komui has been cancelled for now, unfortunately.

    “Also Lavi and Bookman can now communicate telepathically for some reason, seriously where the fuck did that come from?” —– They can do that since the original series and also in the manga, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “Even characters from the distant past aren’t safe, child Allen has becoming an angry brat when he used to be a very sad child and that sadness fit him so well because it made way more sense not just for his child self but how it later influences his current self, anger is not in character for Allen in most circumstances. Likewise Mana, Allen’s foster father has become a goofy clown despite him being a very down to earth and serious character in the old D Gray Man”. —- In the manga, they unveil more of Allen’s and Mana’s past. Allen (whose name wasn’t Allen yet) was an abandone child that did odd jobs at a circus to survive. He was bitter, angry and a brat mostly, because of his miserable life and how people treated him. He went on being like that with Mana, who was extremely gentle. Mana was a newcomer clown in the circus Allen worked at and they met when Mana’s dog (Allen) died. Allen cried for the dog and later he takes on the dog’s name, to be, in his words, “Mana’s Allen”. Only after Mana is killed by Allen’s Innocence and the poor boy’s hair turns white from the trauma (he had red hair in the manga, I think light brown in the anime flashbacks), Allen spends a whole month mute, crying and horrified while being nursed by Cross. Then Cross says, after a while ‘He spoke. He’s talking like Mana’. Also on the first scene of Hallow he tells Allen to “Stop using Mana’s mask”, because he knows how Allen was before and his new personality post-trauma bothers Cross. So yeah, Allen hasn’t been a good boy from the beginning, and they were showing that part of the story.

    “The visuals have also drastic redesigns. Everyone has new uniforms and while I don’t think they are bad, I don’t get why everyone else seems to be into them because they aren’t as cool and unique as the old Exorcist coats and they don’t do a lot show the differences in rank the same way the Finders and Exorcists used to looking totally different did back in the old D Gray Man.” —- I think this is the 3rd model of exorcists unifirms and they were made after the Black order HQ has been destroyed by Lulu Bell and the first Level 4 akuma. Jhonny is shown asking around for measures to make these new uniforms (I particularly love them, but that’s not the point).

    “Mana, Allen’s foster father has gone from a rugged and ragged travelling entertainer in to colorful fat clown, child Allen did not have white hair for some reason despite him always having it the old D Gray Man.” —- I think this has been explained in the text above.

    Now for the things I agree on.

    1) The voice actors change has REALLY put me off, because THAT’S NOT ALLEN’S, NOT KANDA’S, NOT ANYONE’S VOICE AND I HATE IT. For the love of god, they couldn’t have done that.

    2) The character redesigns and the bright colors don’t look good and I’ll tell you why. Katsura Hoshino has undoubtely developed as a magaka because D.Gray-man is a stunning manga overal. Her style has changed over the years, but it was gradual. The original series was maintaining a type of character design, was being consistent, moreso than the manga. Then suddenly, they decided to catch up with the manga style and the gap is so big, it just looks awful. For the colors, while the manga is more colorful (just look at the covers of the volumes) the show is indeed more bleak, and I think it should be maitained that way (why the hell Allen’s Crown Clown needs to be shining 24/7, it hurts the eyes).

    I am super disappointed with what the anime has become, and I think I’ll be limiting myself with the manga (which Hallow just faithfully copied, so I’m missing nothing). It just kills me that it takes so much time between the chapters to come out.

    Anyway, great review and I hope some of the points I said clear things up a bit, as to Hallow is not making shit up lol


    • You are correct I did not read the manga so my criticisms were purely between the original D Gray Man anime and D Gray Man Hallow. I am glad for your clarifications but I do have a problem with one aspect of your argument, which it seems hinges on the idea that Hallow is a faithful adaptation. I don’t care if it’s a more faithful if the more faithful version is a downgrade. I had same problem with Fairy Tail (back when I gave a shit about it anyway) when the artstyle changed between the original 100+ episodes to the artstyle used in FT 20114. I would rather Hallow had done as much to be like the original D Gray Man anime as possible than that it be 100% faithful to the manga. Granted not all the problems of Hallow stem from becoming more faithful to manga but that has not seemed to improve things at all. That said I know most anime don’t have to much leeway in adapting manga so it’s a practically a moot point.


      • Your complaints about the manga aspects were what bothered me, but honestly, I still agree with you that Hallow sucks. I can’t put my finger on it, but something seems VERY off.

        Maybe if the transition in art styles hadn’t been so choppy, it would have been better, like you said. In the manga, the art change is smooth to the eyes, because it’s gradual and it shows Hoshino’s own evolution, and even in the original series we can see some slight differences over the time with all characters, but in hallow they look extremely half assed. I saw a comparisson original Allen/hallow Allen and good lord, what the hell have they done. For me, even if they still changed the VA cast, maintaining the art QUALITY would have made it better. But oh well. I still don’t know if I’ll watch Hallow for the fuck of it or if I’ll go and just reprise the original series just for fun lol


  9. I respect ur opinions, but I’m puzzled if u actually read and watched D.Gray-Man properly. When you ranted about Allen’s hair and how he was a brat in the flashback thingy showing Allen and Mana talking about the dog’s death. It’s already explained both in the 2006 anime and manga that his hair turned white when Mana cursed him when Allen brought back Mana as an akuma with the help of the Earl. And he was a brat until he met Mana. I’m not hating on u or anything. I too, don’t really favor the Hallow anime because I find it quite terrible and much prefer the manga. But I’m just confused because some of your arguments doesn’t really make sense to me.


    • I’ve never read the man but I did watch the 2006 anime, though it had been a few years at least back when I wrote this. I totally forgot about Allen having brown hair before Mana’s curse but, in the 2006 anime at least, there was never any hint of Allen being a brat in the flashbacks unless you count some of the shit he pulled when he was Cross’s student. His bits with Mana were always pretty grim, even when Mana was encouraging him because the of the art style and Mana’s more serious design. Thanks for the heads-up though.


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