Hidden Gems: Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu

You know I’m a big fan of shows that are stupid and aware of how stupid they are.  It’s get even better when I see a show that fully commits itself to it’s stupidity, like Gurren Lagann or Kill la Kill.  And Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu is fucking stupid, and I loved every minute of it.  In fact I’m especially glad I watched this because I almost skipped over it entirely.

The premise is as follows, our main guy has a big fetish for twin tails.  Suddenly some aliens invade and they are stripping women of their “twin tail attribute” rendering them unable to have or remember having twin tails.  The main guy finds this intolerable and with some help from a very forward, hot alien girl who wants him, transforms into a twin tail based magical girl called Tail Red and fights the aliens.  Eventually main guy’s allies will also become twin tail based magical girls and continue to fight increasingly powerful aliens.

What makes Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu so great is, that aside from it’s premise being totally silly, is all the silly stupid characters who make up the show.  All of the aliens are based on random animals and monsters and each of them has their own bizzarely specific fetish.  For example the first alien Tail Red fights is a lizardman who basically creams himself at the sight of cute little girls holding dolls.  That came out a bit more pedophilic and sexual than intended, it’s not so much that any of the aliens have a sexual interest in their fetish it’s more that they just obsessed with it, and feed off the energy from it, and it usually influences their powers.  For example there’s a crab monster who has a fetish for the back of the neck, so his ability is that he’s super fast and sneaky so he can get behind people to get a look at their necks from behind.  All of the aliens are like this, they have fetishes that range from stereotypical otaku stuff, like big boobs vs flat chest, to more bizarre and unique stuff like I’ve already mentioned.  Also all of the aliens feed off the psychic energy of attributes, like twin tails, or other distinctive character traits like glasses, which is why they invaded in the first place.

But if you thought the bad guys were the only ones stuck with ridiculous traits and personalities, you haven’t been paying attention.  For starters the main guy has a twin tail fetish which isn’t super weird I guess, but I’ve never had a hairstyle-related fetish so I don’t really get either, more to the point though he is constantly switching genders in the show because Tail Red is a girl and he spends a lot of time fighting as Tail Red, and occasionally fondling his own twin tails because that just the kind of guy he is.  The alien girl is very forward about what she wants and the main guy’s mom seems pretty open-minded about it and just about anything else regarding her son and girls.  Also one of the main characters has a masochistic/exhibitionist fetish and her attacks literally activate by removing parts of her outfit and usually launching said parts at her enemies as weapons, it’s fucking hilarious.  In a similar vein a lot of the dialogue is great because of how ludicrous everything in the show is.  The aliens will constantly get into fights and random contests trying to prove that their fetish is the best fetish, and this sometimes spill over and affect the humans too.  For example a pair of aliens argues about big boobs and flat chests and this totally sets off the main character’s best friend Tail Blue, because she has a flat chest, and she beats them to death with her bare hands.  Actually the action, silly though it is, is surprisingly satisfying and fun to watch, a much appreciated bonus to the show.

I don’t really have the words to describe this show in any greater depth without literally spoiling every scene because the story and characters are incredibly simple, while being equally ridiculous and silly.  This is not a weakness though because Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu never needs much of a story or involved characters.  More so than most shows Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu is all about having a good time.  It’s stupid, it knows that it’s stupid, it doesn’t care that it’s stupid and it’s going to have as much fun as it wants.  This isn’t like Kill la Kill or Gurren Lagann which have deeper meaning hidden among the stupid shit, Ore no Twintails is just a dumbass parody of a magical girl show.  But that’s exactly what makes it the best magical girl show I’ve ever seen outside of Madoka Magicka.  Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu basically takes a magical girls show, a season of power rangers and Kaempfer and mixes them all together into one of the best conglomerates of pure fun-loving stupidity I’ve ever seen.

In conclusion, Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu will not wow you with a great story, lovable characters or gigantic battles, but if you fail to be impressed by the dedication to being ridiculous and fun in this show then I weep for your poor lost soul.  In all seriousness though, this show was a total blast to watch.  I know it probably sounds too dumb or too weird for many, but if this post post gets you interested in the show at all, I implore you to try it out.  I almost passed this by because I thought this looked like stupid bullshit, but I tried it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  This show is so much fun, and there’s so much heart poured into making it as stupid as it is.  And we need more of that I feel, shows where we can just forget about all the complex problems we have to deal with, where we can just shut off our brains and enjoy something whose only goal is to have fun, to make us laugh, and maybe to sell figures.  There is something deeply satisfying about shows that are pure fun, and Ore no Twintails ni Narimasu definitely falls into that category.  I encourage everyone to give it a try whether you think you’ll like it or not.  I hope you enjoyed the post and I will see you in the next one.

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