Understanding Limits: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord vs Overlord




I really hate Overlord.  When I was watching it weekly I might have given it like a 5-6/10, though the final battle with Shaltear (yes I only watched season 1 though I’ve a smattering of fight clips from later seasons since) was a huge disappointment.  That said every time I even think about the show since then my hatred has built and built to the point when I can say it’s probably a 1 for me personally by now.  And while before this point I could point out what I saw as the flaws just fine I had some trouble connecting with the appeal of a show like Overlord at all, until a I saw How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord (henceforth Demon Lord because that title is a pain in the ass to type over and over).

I would describe Demon Lord as perfectly passable.  It’s like a 5-6/10, and very ok across the board.  If not for the fact this is an abysmal anime season I probably would not have watched it but now that I have I think I can really pick apart how I think Overlord fails at capturing the appeal it ostensibly is going for.  In case you haven’t seen it Demon Lord features a similarly OP demonic main character, who happens to be a spellcaster, stuck in a world resembling a game he played, where everyone else seems severely under-leveled.  On the face of it Demon and Overlord are practically the same show but their minor differences make a world difference in how much I enjoyed one over the other.

Barring the obvious differences in art style between the shows and the appearance of the two leads, the biggest difference is that Ains from Overlord has the Dungeon of Nazareck and Diablo from Demon Lord doesn’t.

Ains arrives amongst allies and servants who he can order to do things on his behalf while he investigates the world or gets into fights.  In and of itself this is not a problem and a story written from such a scenario is totally workable.  The problem is that all the demons of Nazareck are themselves overpowered in the world of Overlord.  In season 1 and in most of the clips I’ve seen of later seasons the demons of Nazareck are curb stomping all of their opponents, with the only notable exception being the bug maid vs Evil Eye (if memory serves).  This is not to say I’m not missing a battle or two where they fight more difficult opponents but ultimately the issue is that not only is Ains op all of his allies are op too so there is never any tension in any of the battles.  Moreover it seems like an incredibly hamfisted level of overkill in the writing department.  What’s the point of having an OP protagonist trying to unravel the mystery of his situation if he could just command his 15-20 servants to do it all for him?  It’s like making a team of 15-20 Madara Uchiha’s from Naruto and saying “yeah people will like that!” – like wtf?  It’s fucking BORING because none of the main characters are ever in any danger and world itself is not challenging.

Even more annoying there is no reason given at all (in season 1 at least please correct me if they explain later) as to why the world of Overlord is so weak in comparison to Ains.  Here’s a completely inconsequential example that encapsulates my issues perfectly.  Early in season 1 Ains (in disguise) has to give away one of his potions.  As far as I know this is not a potion he made, it’s just a basic potion from the game.  However it’s considered pure and is better than the potions everyone else is using.  Can you believe it? Even a basic potion in Ains’ possession, which he never even has to use, is better than the potions of the world he inhabits.  That’s the unbelievable level of overkill the writer goes to in making sure Ains is the top dog, even his potions are better than everyone else’s and he doesn’t even use them.  I know this is such a minor thing but it speaks to my main issue with Overlord.  It doesn’t know when to stop.  It doesn’t know how to set any kind of limit for itself, any restrictions which might inject ANY tension into it whatsoever.  It just makes Ains and his goons the best in every way possible and shows you how they steamroll this world set on baby levels of easy mode.  And somehow it works for people, I sincerely don’t get it, but then again I don’t get why anyone would like Superman and this has most of the same problems as Superman.

By comparison Diablo is brought into a world where he seems all but invincible but he doesn’t have a gang of overpowered buddies.  He has a pair of girls who fit into the normal range of characters levels for the vast majority of adventurers in the world Demon Lord takes place in.  His companions can and do get beaten in fights and struggle against superior foes anytime Diablo is unable to confront the threat himself.  There is actual tension because Diablo really only has like 4 or 5 people he can count on in this world and all of them have a very real chance of dying in the event he isn’t there to protect them, and he can’t be with all of them 24/7.  Moreover there are a few opponents who are more of a threat to Diablo than anyone in Overlord was a threat to one of Ains’ battle maids.  The Force Hydra, the Governor of Faltra, Krebskulm and even the Paladin are foes of a high enough level that they can at least damage Diablo, and a few even give them a run for his money or force him to the point exhaustion.

Which brings me to another point, not only do none of the native creatures or characters of Overlords world ever damage Ains, (again not that I’ve seen do correct me if I’m wrong) but even when he has to get serious to fight Shaltear there’s no negative effects at all.  Diablo meanwhile not only can be seen taking damage on rare occasions but he can exhaust himself, which leaves him practically bedridden the next day.  And while by most show’s standards this is barely a limit at all it is at least a limit – Ains not only doesn’t seem to have limits he actively is granted the means to ignore any limits he might otherwise have.  He can become a warrior good enough to steamroll this world despite the fact he’s a sorcerer.  And he has fucking gatcha items which allow him to equip the best melee weapons and armors without penalty and he doesn’t appear to suffer from using most or all of his mana if he ever even does.

Jumping back to the world being too weak, unlike Overlord, Demon Lord has an actual explanation as to why the world is so weak.  Namely that the lack of respawns has caused all the adventurers to be much more conservative so not only are their levels lower, they have far less experience with the skills they have.  Whereas Diablo played aggressively because it was a game, so he is high leveled and experienced with his skills.  But even with this explanation in place Demon Lord still makes room for a few major enemies who are high leveled.  And unlike Overlord Diablo’s potions aren’t inherently better than the potions of this world.

Where this difference in the relative power levels becomes most important is in Diablo’s companions.  Whereas Ains almost never has to worry about his servants because personality-wise they all praise him to high heaven and want to suck his dick, Diablo’s companions are total strangers to him and only bound to him by a slave collar that he won’t use on them.  These fragile bonds are important because Diablo’s human self has been betrayed in the past and struggles with connecting to people.  And of equal importance is that Ains’ companions are rarely in any danger, whereas Diablo’s are in danger all the time – or would be in the event he isn’t there.  This goes double for Rem who is the vessel sealing Krebskulm and is targeted by some humans and monsters because of this, and Shera who is a runaway princess being pursued by her countrymen and brother.  Between this combination of legitimate vulnerability, character backstories that imply significant struggles and the trials which arise in the present because of their pasts, I found the supporting cast much more likable in Demon Lord.  They were people I could sympathize with and in turn it made me like Diable more as he fought past his strong mistrust of people to support the few companions he has as much as he was able.  The demons of Nazareck meanwhile were all totally insufferable because of their boners for Ains coupled with their borderline invincibility.  There was nothing there to invest me in them and so they all fall flat.

Put simply where I think Overlord fails is in setting limits for itself.  I can understand the appeal of wanting to watch an OP hero crushing powerful enemies with ease and being an all around badass.  But where I think Demon Lord manages to strike this target with ease I feel Overlord overcompensates and goes too far.  When everyone and everything thing associated with Ains, even his basic potions for fuck’s sake, are better than the everything in the world around them it’s a clear case of overdoing it.  Fuck, just laying it out like that makes Overlord sound like a Mel Brooks-esque parody of shows like Demon Lord, but Overlord lacks the self-awareness and humor to be such a parody.  Instead it’s just a basic power fantasy taken to such an extreme degree in every detail that’s it unbearably frustrating just to think about, let alone watch.

All that said I do want to say sorry to Overlord fans if they feel like I’m attacking them.  That’s not my intent, I believe anyone can like anything and it doesn’t reflect badly on them.  This is just one more case where a popular show emerges and I can’t stand it.  Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

18 thoughts on “Understanding Limits: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord vs Overlord

  1. I hadn’t really thought about these two shows together before. I didn’t finish the first season of Overlord. I made it most of the way but I was finding it fairly dull and just wasn’t into it so I kind of just stopped watching (I didn’t actually decide to drop it, but I never did finish it). You make a fairly good point here about what was probably missing from the viewing experience (that and I really liked Diablo’s personality and how that played throughout the season of Demon Lord). Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.


  2. I gotta Disagree, To me, “How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord” Is just another lame Generic Harem Anime that belongs in the Trash Heap With other shows like “Death March”, “Danmachi”, “In a New World with my Smartphone”, “Sword Art Online”, and “The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar”. I would give it a 2-3

    i find Overlord to be more enjoyable to read/Watch. Read first, then watch anime.

    I Don’t think there’s a way to convince you to read the Overlord the Lightnovel since your opinion might never change. I believe your permanently Tainted from the series thanks to the anime.


    • Characters and Characterization:
      Diablo:Anti-social, Low-Self esteem (Even more so than Ainz), Bland, Uninteresting, Perv, Unrelatable to MMO players as Diablo plays by himself instead of playing with a guild and friends (what a normal mmo person does), His character is made to appeal to Otaku as much as possible, Mainly focused on him.

      Shera: Dense,Naive, Way to young to have ginormous boobs (Apparently shes “15” but in elven years she would be 2. and in human years thats still too young), Brain Dead.

      Rem: Flat chested Loli, Tsundere, has an Inferiority complex.

      What both Shera and Rem share: They are stereotypes of women in anime, Fetish husk bait for Otaku, act like Damsels in Distress, Ride the Protagonists dick when hes not out saving them from danger, Weak, Never develop past their traits.

      Villains: they are all SAO levels of bad as all of them are evil for the sake of being evil. Hell one of the villains in the middle of the series looks like a bootleg Sugou from the Althem arc of Sword Art Online.

      Side Characters: Barely worth talking about, The majority of the ones we get focuses on are females designed to appeal to the otaku audience (Once again). They don’t have the character development the ones in Overlord have. The only one that was likable is Krebskulm even though shes a yandere, at least she grows. Its funny how you never talk about the Side characters in overlord am i right? They are what makes overlord so great, The main character isn’t the only one the show focuses on (Unlike Demon lord with only time being invested soley in three generic characters)

      World Building: Bad, The game Diablo comes from is never explained in detail. The huge dungeon Diablo has in the game makes no sense, how can one player conquer a mmo dungeon by himself? The races inhabiting Lyrea are all generic races “Humaney” races that we seen before, No uniqueness among them. The grasswalkers are just humans that look like Young children.

      Visuals: only decent thing about this show, but it still falls flat when compared to Overlord and SAO. The females are way too Oversexualized with very young look characters committing sexual acts. Unsurprisingly the visuals is at its highest when the focus is on a girls body and sex scenes.

      Sound: Inferior to Overlord and SAO. the OST is very Dull fantasy music that we all heard before.

      Overall: How to not summon a demon lord is a garbage show that tries to copy the cool kids on the block and has no appeal on its own. The author clearly doesn’t know how MMOs work (Just like Reki Kawahara) and as a result, There’s asspulls galore.


  3. If i sound Aggressive with my posts then please forgive me, It’s the natural way i type messages online. It’s a little difficult for me to not do otherwise.


  4. Now i understand that you don’t intentionally seek to attack people who like Overlord (Like me) But saying stuff like this:

    “Log Horizon is undoubtedly better than Overlord in every conceivable way unless you want a mindless power fantasy, in which case you should be asking yourself what appeals to you more, being Kirito or being an OP skeleton guy with a bunch of demon followers.”

    Can kinda mislead people into thinking that you are.

    This comes from your “Log Horizon vs Overlord” article. First you state your opinion that LH is better as a fact, then you insult Overlord by calling it a “Mindless Power Fantasy”. If you want to respect people and want them to respect you in return, I recommend you Don’t Say things like this. It seems to me that you hate ANYTHING or ANYONE that is considerably stronger than everyone else (Like SuperMan above). That alone should not be the Sole reason to hate them! by that logic, Saitama, Mob, Beerus, and Goku are bad characters. and their series is ruined because of them.

    Do you have something against Gacha Items in MMOs? Since many MMOs have them and Yggdrasil is a Free P2W type game Gacha Items exist for people who don’t feel like grinding. Is this why you like Elder Tale more than Yggdrasil? If Gacha didn’t exist, then Ainz would’ve been killed by Shalltear. She is a perfect counter to him.

    Her holy magic is ainz’s undead weakness.
    Her being an undead and her HP draining lance makes ainz’s death spells and summons useless.
    Her skills are also made to negate spells and her lance’s crushing damage is very effective against undead, plus her clone skill and close quarters combat which are bad for ainz.


  5. I have a strong feeling that the only reason you hate overlord is because of the anime and how its running, and also, the lack of fan service which the demon lord anime have all the time in every episode. And ainz is the mc and also the antagonist.

    The power scaling in overlord makes sense as the nw isnt filled to the brim with high level denizens, and nazarick is created to be high leveled, theyre built for combatting players of max levels100, The nw isnt.
    And ainz guild built their tomb with anti player or players build in mind.

    And comparing ainz with diablo is kinda laughable, diablo may have 150 levels but his stats are weak, and once cast from his white nova drains him dry out of mana. And when a mage runs out of mana, theyre sitting ducks.
    Ainz onthe other hand have a huge arsenal of spells of all tier ready for combat despite building himself for role play and yet he can still pvp

    Story wise.. i pretty much prefer the world building of overlord, the anime doesnt show much world building as it is terribly rushed. Read the LN instead for complete infos and story building. Demon lord’s story is so predictable in most cases, and its leaning more towards shonen isekai trend and non-stop fan service… While overlord is more of a dark fantasy seinen with politics in it..


    • Yes on the hating Overlord because of the anime but no on the fan service. To it’s credit it does look like Overlord got more interesting politics than How Not to Summon a Demon Lord possibly will ever have in later seasons, but I frankly can’t be bothered to watch them, because I hate season 1 THAT MUCH. To address the middle 2 paragraphs, look in context the power levels may make sense but I have two issues as an anime only watcher (and I’m not going to read the light novel, I don’t read any light novels – not even for shows I like).

      First off I never got that context. Second I once again don’t care, even if power levels are justified in universe that doesn’t make them less unbearable or uninteresting. The reasons why Ainz and his servants are so much stronger than everything else in nw is less important to me than the the fact that they are. I love watching a good beat down or seeing some get curb stomped every now and then but in Overlord (anime) Ainz and Co. are constantly curb stomping everyone they face. It’s fucking boring to watch, there’s no tension, no real spectacle and it’s not funny like how One Punch Man was when it did the same thing. In my view Overlord has literally no appeal whatsoever on the action front.

      As for paragraph 3, yes that’s the point. Diablo has limitations, they usually don’t play much of a role but at the very least I’m aware he has them and he runs into them semi-frequently as his opponents get progressively harder. Ainz not only appears to have no limits (yes I know technically he does but I’ve never seen him get close to them), he is given the means to break any limitations you might expect him to have – i.e. proficiency with heavy armor, melee combat and those fucking gatcha items that let him use top tier gear from other classes. As relatively non-intrusive as Diablo’s limits are I’d rather deal with a character like him, who visibly struggles and suffers during and/or after some fights, than a character like Ainz who smashes aside everyone with ease except for Shalltear, who he then uses bullshit video game items to beat.

      The whole thrust of this post was that my main problem with Overlord went so far to make Ainz OP in all situations that it was boring as fuck. Better politics and an understanding of the power levels will NOT fix Overlord for me because my problem is with the practical realities of said power levels and how they make Overlord inherently uninteresting to me. And regardless of how good the LNs are they do not make up for the fact that the anime is bad. If I’m criticizing the anime, saying the source material did it better is kind of a pointless defense for the anime.


      • overlord was never about action to begin with.
        as i said, its all about world building, politics and schemings.
        the curbstomping is only icing on the cake.
        we readers already know nazarick will win no matter the strentgh.
        and its also never about if they can win.
        its about how they execute the win in situations.
        from you reply, i dont think overlord is for you as it is mostly for dialouges and not that much for actions.
        youre more into shonen or shonen jumps rather than seinen and dark fantasy drama and politics…

        comparing overlord and demon lord was never a good comparison as theyre going differently with their stories. despite having the same genre setting of isekais, their story direction genre are a tad different.


      • So first I don’t like Overlord cause no fan service and now it’s because I only like shounen and action? Maybe stop trying to read my mind and pay attention to what I’m saying. The power levels and the fact Ainz is surround by a bunch of OP allies are what breaks Overlord for me. It’s really simple. There is nothing for me to get invested in because there are no dramatic stakes, no tension, no possibility of struggle let alone defeat. Overlord could have the most interesting politics(which I in fact find so interesting I work in politics irl) of all time and it would still be marred by the fact it’s shackled to a cast of OP demons who have practically no personality besides a boner for their master Ainz who is himself an utterly uncharismatic and boring person – if it weren’t for his insane power level there would be no reason to respect him at all. Likewise Overlord could have great dialogue (it doesn’t) but that usually requires interesting characters (which it doesn’t have) playing off of one another and building a solid chemistry (which at this point appears to a concept which Overlord doesn’t understand) so that their dialogue could thrive whether they are discussing utterly mundane subjects or outlining the most galaxy-brained ideas or philosophies. Even fully enjoying the dialogue hinges on me loving the characters (which I most definitely don’t). And contrary to your assumptions I do like shows with lots of dialogue, NisioisiN’s Monogatari franchise and Katanagatari for instance are among my favorite shows.

        I don’t care if we know Ainz is going to win, the same could be said about any main character and most of that character’s companions. What makes other stories more interesting is that sometime the main character struggles, or even fails. Sometimes his companions struggle, fail or even die. Most of the time, we know the protagonist and his friends win – but good stories usually at least create the illusion that they could have lost, and do so well enough for us to suspend our disbelief and get invested. You said the curbstomping is icing on the cake to you. I strongly disagree, a good curbstomp here or there might be fun but it’s basically all there is in Overlord. It’s boring, who cares how they curbstomp the enemy if all they ever do is curbstomp. Making the execution of a fight interesting kind of hinges on the fact the fight could in theory have been a struggle if not for the strategy being used – never mind the fact that most of time the heroes struggle despite their best laid plans or tactics.

        Last but not least I think it’s laughable to say overlord vs demon lord was not a good comparison because they are “a tad different.” Maybe if the shows were in totally different genres, with no similarities in the settings, basic protagonist archetype, or OP main character appeal then you could argue there’s nothing to compare here. But it’s the fact these two shows are so similar, and that I enjoyed them both to such different degrees, that I bothered comparing them. There are going to be differences between the two in their storytelling, themes and goals, that is inevitable. But when I look at where they overlap, what parts of each story tread the same ground, and see what comes across to me as a difference in quality, I want to explore why I felt there was a difference in quality, and what components made up that difference. That’s the whole point of this post.


  6. you say overlord is too op, but are you forgetting the fact that thwe mc in demon lord is a solo player who sits at the top and runs a dungeon by himself? and you call overlord too op? really?

    if you really want to understand the whole thing about overlord then why not read the LNs?
    oh yes, you wont because what? you dont wanto to? you dont even understand the whole idea about overlord judging from your reply just now. and youre giving it a negative review just from the anime?
    time and time again, many readers already stated that the anime had many cut contents… way too many cuts hence why to us readers it feels rushed asf.

    and yes, what you described is all shonen and shonen jumps with tons of fans services, struggles and shit with the power of friendships and all that.

    do you know why overlord is well liked by readers? because theres a premise thats already set. unlike most shonens that has unpredictable values like random power ups and as mentioned, power of friendships and has no limits.

    overlord on the other hand, already had its limits set from the start, nazarick is an invincible fortress for how its built against mobs of high level players as i already mentioned, which is an info youre purposedly ignoring for the sake of stating your hate on overlord.

    ainz isnt even op in his own story, for new worlders yes, but in yggdrasil he isnt even close to being called op by player standards, unlike demon lord who is a top player with his own dungeon and a solo player at that… and you call ainz too op? really? seriously really? if diablo is so much of a top player then why is he so low on resources then? unlike ainz who is very resourceful and prepares resources as well as collect some if possible, because its what a player does in most games if not all games. get resources, stockpile them, so you can use them if need be. its quite a simple gamer logic.


    • If you don’t care about the Overlord anime, then why are you so ardently defending it? I’m not criticizing the LNs because those are a separate thing. I’ve never even tried to criticize the LNs this is all about how 2 anime with a number of similarities stack up in comparison to each other. It’s one of the basics when it comes to anime criticism – unless you actively make an attempt to include the source material in your analysis, then you just talk about the anime. This is not a battle for the soul of fucking Overlord, this is just my opinion about the anime with some analysis to back it up.

      As for understanding Overlord in full, I don’t care. The anime had a chance to hook me, at least in theory but not really because I don’t read LNs. I used to not read manga either, some people just prefer the anime medium and don’t move beyond it – and that’s not some heinous crime or something, people are allowed to like what they like. I have actually tried to read the LNs of a show I really liked and they were garbage, anime might cut content but they can also add polish. If I thought the Overlord anime was good, I would have said so and moved on. I was never going to read the LNs, and frankly your description of the LNs makes them sound boring as shit. Ah yes let’s follow the adventures of a single character and his NPC hanger-ons who crush the pathetic new worlders with the ease of someone taking candy from a baby? Sounds boring to me. I don’t care if Ainz and Nazareck aren’t op in the game they originally come from, they are unbearably op in the part of the story I saw – and that was enough to convince me I never wanted to see any more. For you this doesn’t seem to be a problem and that’s fine, in the same way it’s fine for me to see it as a story killing problem.

      As for my tastes, you seem to be construing struggle and companions with shounen, while also conveniently not addressing the shows I mentioned liking which aren’t shounen but nvm, but let me ask you a question – is the Lord of the Rings a shounen story? Because it has struggles, friendship and the like. Yet most would agree it’s not a shounen story. Why then does the struggle and companionship of the characters in LOTR matter? Because they’re kind of integral to the human experience and appear in almost every story ever told, and when they are missing the author has to do a lot to justify why. Take One Punch Man for example, Saitama kills every enemy almost without effort in the anime, and yet I don’t hate it. Why? Because one of the focal points of the story is how his lack of struggle is making it harder for him to connect with his emotions, he feels less human than he used to. This makes all the companions he forms bonds with along the way all the more precious, because they can be his links to his humanity. To be honest I could go on with examples like this all day.

      But for the sake of brevity let’s make this as simple as I can. I do hate Overlord. I watched the anime, only season 1, and said meh and moved on. Then I thought about it some and decided that meh did not convey my feelings well enough, I needed to acknowledge the parts of the show that got worse the more I thought about them. This process continued until I reached the point where I loathed it, and considered Overlord one of the worst anime I had ever watched, which is important in a critical sense because it was surprisingly popular. Then I saw Demon Lord, thought it was meh and decided to write an analysis of why Demon Lord remained meh while my dislike of Overlord grew and grew over time until I got to the point where I do indeed outright hate the Overlord anime. And the basis for most of this analysis was that nothing in season 1 of Overlord ever hooked me, and the main reason why is that there were no narrative stakes, no possibility nor even the illusion of the possibility of failure. It failed in other ways certainly, the power levels were not the end of Overlord’s problems – the fact the cast was so boring is another major issue. But the power level of Ainz and his dungeon of Nazareck was at the root of most of my problems with the show. Because the two in combination made everything boring. Political intrigue is mostly interesting because it can fail, and have horrible consequences for the schemers when it does. Fights are mostly interesting because the characters we’re following can gain or lose something of value. Dialogue is mostly interesting when the characters speaking are interesting. Overlord had none of that to me because of the power levels and demons of Nazareck, they removed what little sense of danger or limitations Demon Lord conveys and as such the Overlord anime is utterly worthless to me.

      As for your last bit, [and why am i even bothering to post here when i can clearly see others explaining how youre just as clear as day just hating on overlord no matter how much those other people explain the whys and hows of overlord being good and not bad.] I genuinely don’t know, though I would assume it’s because you like Overlord and aren’t happy that not only do I not like it but I have reasoned out why I don’t like it, presumably because other people could buy into my reasoning and that could mean less fans of Overlord or something. Whatever the case may be I’m hating on the anime and most of the defenses are from the LNs so they’re kind of irrelevant to my analysis. Maybe everyone arguing with me is totally right and the LNs would blow me away with how good they are – but I doubt it. Nothing brought up in any of the defenses gets around my main criticism of the anime, in fact you and others have confirmed said criticisms and tried to explain why they aren’t bad (to you), and I’m criticizing what appears to be a fundamental building block of the story. If I don’t like the foundations odds are very good nothing you build on said foundations will interest me. Moreover good and bad are subjective not objective, things which you find good I might find bad – you know the whole saying about one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? In this particular case Overlord is my trash and seems to be your treasure. I’ve given my reasons for why I think Overlord is trash, you and others have tried to refute my reasons with their own arguments, and I haven’t been convinced that I was wrong while you seem convinced I am. We’re at an impasse, and while I do enjoy a good argument, hence me replying to all of these people who disagree with me, I think I’m done with this one. Unless someone wants to step up to the plate and argue to the best of their ability that the Overlord anime is great and here’s why – then I don’t see the point of going at this any further. I seriously doubt we are ever going to agree about Overlord.


      • Here’s something we can agree on, Overlord is more successful than Log Horizon, be it Sales, Popularity, and more.


  7. and why am i even bothering to post here when i can clearly see others explaining how youre just as clear as day just hating on overlord no matter how much those other people explain the whys and hows of overlord being good and not bad.


  8. yeah, i have to give you a leeway here, if its just the anime then ill let it slide.
    we really wont go any further with this since you wont read the lns anyways so ill just ignore your hate for the anime as i dont like how they rushed the anime anyways, so you hating the anime is fine as long you dont drag the LNs here which is better than the anime version by leagues.


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