Hey everyone, I’m Spencer and this here is an anime blog.

With the disaster that was my Halloween post finally behind me, I figured it was time for an update.  I post new material into 1 of 8 categories every few days.  The categories are: “Understanding…”, Hidden Gems, Unpopular Opinion, Reports to the Shogunate, Raging Rants and Surly Summaries.  I’m also now doing Season’s Greetings- which is just my way of saying seasonal first impressions, because I figured you guys just didn’t have enough of those to go through already.  Anything in Hidden Gems is for anime that are not well known and they are usually spoiler free.  If you want a recommendation for anime outside of big name shows, Hidden Gems is the place to look.  Unpopular Opinion is made up of reviews for more popular series, they range from spoiler free recommendations to in-depth analyses for people who have already watched the shows.  If you like analysis or are relatively new to anime and want an idea of what some of the decently poplar anime have to offer, Unpopular Opinions are for you.  “Understanding…” is where I dive into different aspects of anime and storytelling.  These are full of mostly minor spoilers since I highlight my points with examples.  If you want to know more about the craft of making anime, this series has you covered.  The fourth category is called Reports to the Shogunate but don’t let the official sounding name fool you, it’s where I store any awards I receive, undertake challenges that are sent my way and maybe where I might someday make some announcements.  The fifth category, Righteous Rants, where you can read my incessant whining about the woes of the anime industry while I touch on how to fix the problem.  And the last category, Surly Summaries are short blurbs that come near the end of an anime season where I briefly give my thoughts on some of the shows I was watching during the season that have now finished airing.  So if you want to know my thoughts on the latest and greatest, you can find them in this category.  I also have started doing various types of first impressions posts which only come up early in each season.  The newest addition is called Retrospective Reimaginings, where I take an anime I think fucked up and then tell you all how I think it should have been done.

Also if you want me to review a specific show or analyze and discuss a particular topic, scene or whatever, feel free to leave a comment in one of my posts and I’ll see what I can do for you.  That is all.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

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