Understanding Tone Shifts: Why Youjo Senki is my Top Anime of Winter 2017


I know what you’re “supposed” to do is wait until the end of a season to tell everyone what you’re favorite show was but fuck rules, or even guidelines, because I already have my winner.  And I don’t say that lightly, this is a pretty fucking solid season of anime we’re talking about here and I fully expect that most people will totally disagree with me.  Hell I’m inclined to disagree with me, considering I’m pitting Youjo Senki against KonoSuba season 2, which is the most consistently hilarious show I’ve seen in a long time.  The following will be full of spoilers for a bunch of currently airing shows, you’ve been warned.

Like I said this is a solid season of anime.  Masamune-kun no Revenge is a cut above you’re normal slice-of-life romcom.  KonoSuba is fucking hilarious and even Gabriel Dropout has been pretty funny even if it’s been pretty inconsistent.  Kuzu no Honaki is the most interesting romance drama I’ve seen since Kimi ni Todoke season 1.  Little Witch Academia is a constant source of feel-good charm that I can hardly find anywhere and we’ve even got the low key but stylish as fuck ACCA.  However I think the crown jewel of the season is undoubtedly Youjo Senki.  Youjo Senki episode 8 is definitely the episode that heralded the sudden upsurge in my interest in my opinion of the show, but looking back the thing which made that episode stand out so much, a radical tone shift, was already present throughout the show albeit to far lesser degrees.  What this means, in short, is that I think Youjo Senki is probably the most well rounded show of the entire season, and going by episode one you’d never fucking guess that would be the case.  Let me break this down in more detail.

For those who haven’t seen Youjo Senki, it’s about an alternate world’s WWI with a few major differences, the most obvious being magic.  The lead character is a 12 year old girl named Tanya, or at least that’s what they look like.  In reality our main character is a 30-something (I assume) asshole of a man from our world who was reincarnated in this alternate world as a 12 year old girl as a trial from God or Being X as our main character calls him.  Our 12 year old girl, who has incredible magic power, with the brain of his former 30 year old self signs up for war to get a comfortable life as an officer and thus defy God because this trial was meant to convert him into one of the faithful by putting him in dire circumstances.  If you made through the last couple sentences without going “huh? or WTF?” then consider me impressed, this is a pretty fucking weird premise.  However as I’ve explained before premise is cheap, execution is what really matters and for the most part Youjo Senki has been able to pull it’s unusual premise off well.  And almost none of this present at all in episode 1, barring the interesting setting, episode one makes Youjo Senki look like an edgy action show that relies on shock value and explosions to sell itself.  Now it is that in part, but there’s so many other elements woven in that the edginess is a side note and doesn’t distract me in the slightest.

The main reason is that Youjo Senki includes a wide variety of scenes and tones, so much so that many of the worst ones easily get lost amid the all the shit happening, a trend made possible in part by the fact that the good scenes far outnumber the bad.  The biggest detractors from Youjo Senki are that it’s edgy, the art is definitely on the uglier side and episode 3 with the mad scientist was a goofy mess.  But Youjo Senki gets past it all.  Because it also delivers on major battles, solid strategic theories and discussion and even some fascinating changes to WWI.  In direct opposition to a show like Kuzu no Honkai which  consistently drives me insane by providing me with things I love and hate next one another with every episode, Youjo Senki is perfectly content to jump around and tell whatever kind of story it wants.  Because for all edgy action of episode 1, the action almost disappears completely until episode 5 with only one major exception.  On the whole though Youjo Senki is mostly fun, thanks to it being violent, funny and utterly insane.  Remember Tanya not only has had the mind of thirty year old from modern era since birth, she’s had the mind of thirty year old without a scrap of empathy for other people.

Jumping over to Masamune-kun no Revenge for a minute, what makes it more fun than the average high school romcom is that the main couple are both deplorable.  Masamune has devoted himself to being fit and becoming a hot guy just so he can date then dump Adagaki Aki.  He basks in the attention he gets for being hot but his behavior is decidedly shallow and his goals, while somewhat satisfying, are spiteful.  Adagaki on the other hand is horrible because she’s a bossy bitchy girl who humiliates any boy who comes her way.  She makes this even worse when shes says something to Masamune about how it hurts to get rejected (he had just rejected another girl’s advances) despite the fact she goes out of her way to reject people in the most painful way possible and somehow doesn’t see the dissonance between her actions and her sentiments.  Youjo Senki takes the deplorable main character thing and the goes to it’s extreme end point, someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone and will condemn people to miserable lives and later thousands of innocents to death for the sake of efficiently getting the next promotion.

Tanya’s shtick in both her current and previous lives is that she finds the easiest way to get a comfortable life by following and exploiting rules, first corporate rules and later military rules.  And she does a great job of showing how fucked up ordinary humans can be if they just follow the rules without injecting their own moral and emotional judgement into a situation.  What makes this interesting though is that Tanya is not punished for behaving this way.  Sure we know she’s a psychotic piece of shit, and she hasn’t gotten the easy life she wants, but she has swiftly risen up the ranks and garnered the attention of her ultimate superiors.  What’s more her ruthless approach works, her unit has been instrumental to several fronts already and her thesis on how to attack cities without holding back while still conforming to international law has already drastically altered tactics on both sides regarding cities, I’m sure the Republic (France) won’t attempt to use a city as a shield to delay the Empire (Germany) again.  Again and again Tanya proves that her ruthless tactics and exploitation of the rules are effective especially because she has knowledge about world wars that no one else does.  However amid all of this I have one problem with the label of “the Evil” for Tanya.

That may surprise you because Tanya is almost cartoonishly evil, she’s a ruthless murderer, has no empathy for other human beings and has no qualms condemning thousands of noncombatants to die.  But while all those things make her a criminal and villain she’s not evil in the sense that she’s working with the “bad guys,” because that implies that one side in the conflict is the morally superior.  There is no such side though and that brings to one of the biggest problems I have with other people talking about the show.  The consensus I’ve seen thus far is that the Empire and Tanya are representative of the Nazis and therefore are evil.  I disagree. Vehemently.  Remember this is WWI, not WWII and the Empire’s behavior has not at all resembled that of the Nazis (hell they even have the same gear and spiked helmets of the Prussian troops in WWI), the closest they get is when bomb Arene thanks to Tanya’s thesis but even that was clearly an outlier and surprised people on both sides (and that wasn’t even a Nazi thing so much as paradigm shift all sides adhered to in WWII).  In fact in this world, the Empire was invaded by the Republic and save for the invasion of Norden and the Entente Alliance, the Empire’s strategy is defensive.  In fact it parallels the Late Roman Empire’s strategy during the Hunnic invasions and subsequent barbarian migrations, to set up weaker border forces which would delay enemy invaders who would then be crushed by an elite mobile force.  The idea that the Empire is somehow the “bad guy” of the war is ridiculous, the only country which could consider them as such is the Entente Alliance because the Empire was the aggressor on that front.

In fact if anyone is evil it’s Being X who is actively fucking with people’s minds and free will to accelerate the war and put more pressure on Tanya.  I think the main reasons people think of the Empire as evil is because, it’s Germany, Tanya is on their team and they’re winning.  But even in episode 1 when Tanya kills an entire company of mages, she did that in response to the fact said company had just wiped out the people she’d been sent to save.  Tanya personally handled things the way she did to get a promotion, but with the exception of Arene the Empire is having the same things done to it as it’s doing to others, it’s not the bad guy here because their is no bad guy here.  And if you examine WWI history it’s the same story.  Most of what caused the war was just momentum created by a complex web of alliances and all the major powers trying to maintain a power balance that was beginning to crumble.  Almost none of the highest authorities on any side actually wanted WWI to become the enormous conflict it did, things just spiraled out of control.  I hope that when Anson Sioux re-enters the conflict this dynamic will be shown better, that regardless of whether the individual is a good person like Sioux or a total bastard like Tanya, both sides are by large doing the same terrible shit to each other and the Empire is not representative of the Nazis and is not evil.  That said so long as you understand that, I think it’s fine to call Tanya evil.

Because yes Tanya is awful but for the most part she’s awful in entertaining ways.  One of my favorite scenes was at the end of episode 5, when after defeating the invading Dakian army (props for having them mirror the pathetic performance of Romania in WWI), Tanya talks like a five year old while informing Dakia that’s she’s going to blow up their weapon’s factory, a move that disguises her attack as a prank while still conforming to international war laws.  It’s fucking hilarious and utterly effective, no one bothers to evacuate and everyone working at the factory perishes as she and her men blow it to shit.  And the attack on Orse fjord was a blast to watch because of the rigid tactics and strict deadlines outline to pull off the ambitious amphibious assault.  Watching people kick ass and take names is generally a fun time, the fact we’re focusing on a character who is so awful just adds a little spice to mix.  She’s curb stomping everyone who gets in her way and it’s pretty cathartic because sometimes that’s what we all want to be able to do, just crush whatever annoys us and get onto enjoying an easy life.  Sometimes we all want to be assholes so long as we get away with it.

But despite how blatant Youjo Senki can be, see Tanya for details, it can be surprisingly versatile.  Youjo Senki rarely has long battles, instead most battles are payoffs to previously tense strategy briefings as Tanya has to navigate the desires of superiors as much as possible while still being mindful of the supply situation and benefits of any given strategy.  Many of the strategies involved are complex military maneuvers and it can be a satisfying to see these complex plans come together.  In addition the show includes people who even Tanya hates to work with, mainly the mad scientist Dr. Schugel, and how she behaves when she isn’t allowed to just beat the shit out of this person she doesn’t like.  The show’s tone shifts frequently to match the wide variety of scenes and scenarios Tanya finds herself in. But the real clincher was episode 8 because it takes the most drastic tone shift of the series.  In episode 8 it looks for a bit like one of her troops killed himself.  I admit I was a little disappointed that that didn’t end up being the case because it seemed like a great tone shift especially with the change to a more haunting ED following a shot that looked like the gun switching to face the shooter.  However this was still a great shift in that this was the first time Tanya’s soldiers balked at her orders and the sudden change in war doctrine brought on by her thesis, and they didn’t even know it was her thesis which caused Arene to burn.

Soldiers who had previously made defeating enemies a sort of informal sport among the group were suddenly horrified enough to confront Tanya about it, or at least were so distracted by the implications of what they were doing in Arene that they made mistakes they usually wouldn’t.  This once again shows that the Empire is not evil, most of the soldiers are just people fighting for their homeland and in the process they have to do evil work.  Tanya is the only one deserving of the title the Evil.  And for the first time multiple soldiers under Tanya’s command really have to grapple with that.  Ironically though Viktoriya, in the very next episode, uses the same kind of heartless rule-centric logic that Tanya thrives on to assure her comrades that all responsibility for the evils of Arene lie with Tanya.  I find this comment especially interesting because it hints at the potential punishment for Tanya later down the road, that her own reliance on the rules and exploiting them may be used against her, and the dangers of that mindset which has thus far only been shown to be effective if entirely fucked up.

Another great contrast is last season’s Shuumatsu no Izetta because that show shares many similar elements but focuses on main characters who are selfless and idealistic, people who fight to change the status quo regardless of the hardships endured.  That show also showed the dangers of that mindset, specifically that the political reality of a situation might lead a country to betray and kill it’s own hero and how a betrayed hero may come back with a vengeance.  I know this isn’t that relevant but I think it’s a happy accident that both these shows came out in such close proximity and have been great, as they do provide an excellent contrast to each other.  Let’s wrap this up.

Put simply Youjo Senki does a lot of tone shifts.  Sure there are edgy scenes scattered throughout the current nine episodes but they are mashed in with a ton of goofy scenes, cool action scenes, lot’s of strategic talks about war and military theory, political intrigue, and even some scenes which are just really fucking funny.  Maybe that doesn’t sound like you’re cup of tea, maybe it sounds too inconsistent or chaotic or whatever.  I disagree.  I think what Youjo Senki has managed to do with all of it’s myriad tone shifts is soften the rough edges of it’s worst parts while gaining the strengths of most of the other shows I named up above.  It may not be KonoSuba funny but there are a few scenes that come close.  Episode eight had more drama than Kuzu no Honkai.  It’s got more action than any other currently airing show I’m aware of.  It has world building and political intrigue on par with (and in my opinion surpassing) ACCA.  Youjo Senki is for my money the best show of the season because it does a little bit of almost everything and in most cases it succeeds at whatever it’s doing.  Sometimes it does edgy scenes of Tanya smiling like a lunatic while sending off uncooperative subordinates to die while making it look like an accident.  And sometimes it communicates how traumatic war can be for soldiers, even the ones that are winning.  The show has it’s problems but they are so small and brief and the show moves past them so quickly that they have hard time marring the overall experience.

Youjo Senki has, I think, made some of the key traits of many of the other good shows of the season into it’s strengths and mitigated it’s weaknesses through it’s willingness to change tone so frequently.  It has the versatility to be a popcorn flick in one episode and startlingly powerful drama the next episode, all while being a very interesting take on WWI with regards to the changes in politics and tactics during the war.  I love it, and after reading this, hopefully you do too.  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in the next one.


Unpopular Opinion: Re:Zero

Re:Zero earns a resounding 6/10 in my book, or at least it would if I bothered to give scores. Re:Zero is pretty ok, but nothing I’d recommend to anyone who wasn’t already into the show based on the premise.  To be honest I don’t have a lot to say about this show.  Initially I was going to skip it altogether but after seeing some AMVs that made it look cool I gave it a shot, and I have to say, it was good enough for me to finish but not good enough for me to really like.  There are some things the show does pretty well, mainly Subaru’s mental breakdowns as a result of his suffering and failure, but it has a ton of problems as well. There will spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

For starters I fucking hate Subaru, which isn’t what you want for the hero of your story.  His basic tracksuit look is bland and uninteresting, his fucking hair/bangs are hideous and make him look like a total douche, and his sense of humor is fucking inane and pisses me off.   Look I get it, Subaru’s supposed to be an otaku and him using gamer lingo is not out of character for him, but fuck me it gets irritating when he doesn’t stop describing things in RPG terms even by the end of the season.  If the Re:Zero were legitimately based on an in-universe video game, Subaru’s gamer lingo and game based humor would be better, but because this is it’s own fantasy world with no RPG-esque internal rules or mechanics it’s just fucking irritating.  If it had only been in the early episodes that would’ve been ok, I mean I’d still fucking hate it but it wouldn’t bother me this much, but given that it persists throughout the show it just gets fucking obnoxious.  Moreover Subaru’s happy-go-lucky and jovial personality doesn’t make that much sense.  I get that it makes a good contrast compared to the moments when he suffers, but think about, if you were sucked into a fantasy world you didn’t recognize and died a handful of times, wouldn’t you be freaked the fuck out?  Especially if you’re a hikikomori otaku?

In fact why is Subura so outgoing for, as Aqua from KonoSuba would say, a Hiki-NEET?  Doesn’t a confident, outgoing personality kind of completely clash with Subaru being a Hiki-NEET?  Not that you can’t be confident but generally it makes way more sense for a Hiki-NEET to not be outgoing at all, and possibly not at all confident.  Adding to that why is Subaru so physically fit?  I know he says he works out a lot because he’s got time to do that since he’s alone all the time, but come on.  I mean I know the real reason, it’s called appealing to the audience (all Hiki-NEETS and/or gamers wish they were in great physical consideration but honestly how many of them are?) , but to me it just weakens the character.  That said I do think he does a decent job when he’s being serious and/or falling apart.  If nothing else Subaru does a good job of being a straightforward and thoroughly sincere character, and that really comes out when he finally figures out how to overcome whatever obstacle has been killing him and gets his game face on or when he fails and doesn’t know how to fix the problem.  Now again, it’s hard to say how well this fits into his characterization as a Hiki-NEET, but at least it’s better than his inane humor.

Moving right along, Emilia isn’t much better.  Her her design isn’t bland or off-putting the way Subaru’s is but I’m just not into it.  Maybe there isn’t enough color variation, maybe it’s too obviously meant to be waifu material as opposed a more natural looking character (though in fairness that’s a running problem for most of the female cast of the show, not just Emilia), or maybe it’s because her personality is as limited and boring as her color scheme.  It’s hard to say for sure but it doesn’t really matter because I don’t like her regardless of the explanation why.  Whereas Subaru’s personality seems at odds with his character setting, Emilia’s is just too simplified to be interesting.  This strikes me as particularly wasteful because her role in narrative is well-positioned for her to be by far the most nuanced and interesting character.  I mean I get it, this story is more about big drama moments and wish fulfillment than realism, but bear with me here.

Emilia finds herself in the unusual position of being one of only five possible candidates for king/queen and priestess of the Dragon, which is supposed to protect the realm if memory serves.  However despite being in a position to rule the kingdom and possibly save the land, she’s almost universally hated by the people of her potential kingdom.  How much more interesting would Emilia be if she struggled with being the goody two shoes she is in the show because she gets bitter and frustrated often, and is more inclined to lash out or give into despair as a result of how she’s treated.  Basically what I’m saying is, that if Emilia was more like Subaru when he’s serious and suffers from similar hardships, especially the mental ones, then I think she could be a fantastic character.  As she is in the show, I just don’t give a fuck about her because there’s not enough to her, no depth of character that explores the gap between how she treats people and how she’s treated by people.  Yea she gets sad and is a bit nervous sometimes, but that just doesn’t sell me this girl’s hardship, so I can’t get invested in her or her struggle.  I resonated more with Felt and her whole “I’m gonna tear this rotten kingdom down” attitude than I did with Emilia, and Felt was in like 3 episodes tops.  Emilia just isn’t given the depth and strength of character she needs in order for me to care.

Aside from the flubbing the leading duo Re:Zero’s characters aren’t too bad.  Mind you very few of them are actually good, but no else actually bothered me.  Rem and Ram are probably the best characters as they have by far the most interesting backstories and behave in ways that better reflect both their past and their current occupation.  Rem also has by far the most touching romantic moment in the show even if Subaru ultimately rejects her for Emilia, a bad move in my book as Rem is clearly the better choice.  I also think Ram and Rem’s arc had the best action overall, big battles are cool and all but watching a demon maid tear monster dogs apart with a huge flail, wind magic or her bare hands was more dramatic, personal, gripping and visceral than the slaying of the White Whale or the larger battle against the Witch’s Cult.  All that said I think it’s telling that my actual favorite characters are a few side characters.  My top three characters of Re:Zero are Elsa, Mimi, and Ricardo.  Of all the beastmen in Re:Zero Ricardo has best design as he is far more bestial than most, who just have animal ears and tails (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m down with that too).  But in a show full of male characters with mostly bland designs,  it’s nice to have a character like Ricardo, who’s design is more unique and has a lot of personality, personality which the actual character also has.  Whereas Subaru being happy go lucky doesn’t make a lot of sense, I can more easily buy into a mercenary who likes to laugh a lot and approaches every scenario with the same kind of optimistic enthusiasm, especially since it improves the moral of the men under his command.

Mimi is one of my favorites because while she isn’t meant to be waifu material at all, she’s fucking adorable, which only gets better when you get to her personality and powers.  For one thing her attack is a more lethal version of Fus Ro Dah, and as a big fan of Skyrim that’s cool by default.  Second and perhaps more importantly, she treats violence and gore as something fun and something to look forward to, very much like Yachiru of Bleach, in fact I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to say that Yachiru was an inspiration behind Mimi.  None of Mimi’s individual parts are that great but taken as a whole, she’s a little ball of violent fun and a much needed break from the grimdark suffering of Subaru and the like six times we see all those villagers get murdered by the Witch’s Cult in that last arc.  And last but not least we have my Best Girl of Re:Zero Elsa, and no that was not a joke.  Much like Ricardo, Elsa’s design has a lot of style and character and her personality matches her look.  The funny thing is, if Re:Zero were an altogether better show I’d probably have written Elsa off as a cheesy B-movie villain, but because she’s the first character introduced to have as much personality as she does, she’s legitimately the Best Girl of Re:Zero in my book.  Personality aside I’m a big fan of deadly women in any fictional context , and she stands at the top of the hill in that regard (and she’s even an 20-something woman to boot, hell yeah I’m into this).  I especially like that she overpowers her opponents with raw skill and her incredible athletic ability, whereas most powerful characters rely on magic or demonic powers.  Also her final battle where takes on five people (Subaru, Rom, Felt, Emilia and Reinhart) was probably the best single battle of the entire show.

My last real gripe with the show is the lack of attention to detail in the fantasy world.  We get minimal information about the lore or religions of this world, something I love to see in fantasy.  Moreover we get no explanation’s as to why the Mabeasts (which is a fucking terrible, bastardized way of saying ‘evil beasts’ btw) are attracted to the witch’s scent, what the Mabeasts are exactly and how are they dealt with on larger scale beyond the tiny town on Roswaal’s land.  We know very little about spirits or indeed any of the races of the world and what kind of relation’s they have to one another on a larger scale, no real context into the culture of the kingdom or it’s size and power in comparison to neighboring kingdoms, no idea at all of how big the world is, and worst of all nowhere near enough information on how magic works.  Now I don’t think those details are particularly necessary to Re:Zero’s story, though it would be important to know if perhaps other half-elves at all and how many of them have the same traits as Emilia, and I don’t know whether or not Re:Zero really had any places it could cut in order to address those details.  However, seeing as lore, magic and worldbuilding are my three favorite things about fantasy, having more detail on those fronts would done a lot to get me more invested in the show and definitely would have raised it’s hypothetical score for me.

That about wraps this review up.  Re:Zero has some strong points well worth the watch, like Elsa’s final battle, Rem and Ram tearing all those demon dogs apart in the second arc, the battle with the White Whale, and all the suffering and mental anguish Subaru undergoes as he fails again and again.  That last bit was particularly good as I feel they did a great job making his breakdowns, despair and desperation very authentic and genuine for Subaru.  But I just don’t have it in me to go into a lot of detail on those points because, well, Re:Zero just isn’t worth it to me.  In terms of the premise, or the events of the story Re:Zero’s hardly a humdrum show, but in terms of it’s emotional impact on me, humdrum is a pretty damn good description.  I wasn’t drawn way into the show and made to care about the characters, so I didn’t really get hit in the feels when I was supposed, and as a result this show feels very middle of the road to me in terms of quality.  I think if you do get invested in the story and characters you will like this show a lot more than me as I believe the big emotional moments are supposed to be a major part of the show’s appeal, but it just wasn’t for me.  I’d say give it a shot if it sounds interesting, but if you’re not sold on the show already, try something else that you’ve heard is good.  Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

Surly Summaries: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Fuck this one was funny.  If you haven’t already watched this show I highly recommend it, one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s a nice break from the typical comedy as well, most of which have been almost universally slice of life romcoms.  Now to be fair some of those were good, but it’s nice to see something new come in and make it’s mark.

For those who don’t know Kono Subarashii Seaki ni Shukufuku wo! or KonoSuba is a comedy set in an RPG world.  The story goes a bit like this.  Kazuma, the male lead, is hikikomori, you know the guys who just up and lock themselves in their rooms for years.  Anyway he went out and got this special edition of a video game after three days of no sleep.  Then he sees a girl about to get hit by a truck, and he pushes her out of the way and gets run over himself.  Or at least that’s what he thinks.  Instead he almost gets hit by a tractor which was never going to hit the girl and dies anyway thinking he got run over because he’s both sleep deprived and a moron.  This is explained to him by Aqua, this blue goddess of the afterlife who starts out being helpful before laughing at Kazuma , and telling him that his parents and the doctors laughed at him, for dying in a such stupid way.  She then explains he has three choices.  He can go to heaven, which she doesn’t recommend because you can’t have sex there.  He can be reincarnated in his world without any of his memories.  Or he can go to this RPG world and save it from the demon king and get some other wish granted.  He goes with option three.  As part of option three he gets to take one thing into the game world with him.  Aqua lets him choose from all kinds of totally broken items and spells but in a moment of spiteful anger he chooses Aqua, forcing her to join him in this game world.  She immediately breaks down and cries when they arrive and thus begins the hilarious hijinks of the most unglorious RPG of all time.

KonoSuba reminds of Log Horizon, if Log Horizon were about the rejected would be adventurers of a shitty beginner town and not characters who had skills and could kick ass.  The animation is kind of ugly, but it sort just fits right into the totally silly world of KonoSuba and while it threw me off at first, I quickly found myself enjoying how the shitty art complemented the shitty world and shitty characters.  Said shitty characters are all actually really funny but they are just really shitty at being RPG protagonists and are instead more like the alt WoW accounts people made so they could play as half naked girls when they were thirteen year old boys and thought that shit was hilarious (yes I know people who did that in real life, and I bet you do too).  In conclusion, if you want a comedy that was way better than literally anyone ever expected it to be, Konosuba is a a lot of fun.  It currently has only ten episodes and that last episode did feel a bit rushed like every tenth episode finale I’ve ever seen is, but a second season is confirmed and I’m already looking forward to it.  See you in the next one.